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“The Nun” is no fun

BY VYCTORYA THOMAS-VANZANT As October approaches, horror and thriller movies become a necessity for the Halloween season. That’s why when I first saw previews for The Conjuring’s fifth installment, “The Nun”, I was thrilled to see it. It has become a notable trend of The Conjuring films to make references of new demons and […]

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“In the Heights” to be preformed at CI

BY ANDREYA MARTINEZ On November 8, the Performing Arts department brings to CI In The Heights, the first Broadway hit of Lin-Manuel Miranda, who also wrote Hamilton. This musical tells the story of diverse Latin characters living and interacting in Washington Heights on the Island of Manhattan. This year marks the 10th anniversary of […]

The cover of Living Colour's new album, Shade. Photo credit to
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“Shade” Living Colour’s First Album in Eight Years from September 26, 2017

By Mark Westphal For those unfamiliar, Living Colour is a New York funk metal band who rose to fame in 1988 with “Cult of Personality,” establishing them as a band that wasn’t afraid to tackle social issues through their funky, blues-heavy brand of metal music. While they have been around close to 30 years […]

Atmosphere performing live at the Majestic Theatre. Photo credit to Alex Duenez.
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Concert Review – ATMOSPHERE “Welcome to California Tour” from September 26, 2017

By Alex Duenez Welcome back, readers. Well, summer as we knew it has come and gone, back to endless hours of tedious assignments and even longer lectures. Snooze. I’m joking. Stay awake. Now, either you worked, partied, vacationed or did absolutely nothing. Summer was a time for beach days and sunburns, camping and mosquito […]

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“Kidnap” Movie Review from September 26, 2017

By Vyctorya Thomas-Vanzant “Kidnap,” a thriller/mystery film released in early August, portrays a hardworking, single mother pushing her limits in order to save her son from being kidnapped. Like most action films, “Kidnap” unfortunately doesn’t stand out in any particular way. The trailer itself gave away the majority of the film and subsequently, watching […]

The official movie poster for "Love, Simon." "Love, Simon" was released on March 16, 2018. Photo credit to 20th Century Fox.
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Movie Review of “Love, Simon” from April 24, 2018

By Noah Schiminowski “Love, Simon” is a coming-of-age story about a young man dealing with the pressures of accepting himself and embracing his sexuality. Young love is difficult to navigate, especially as a teenager, but being gay and in the closet puts another obstacle in Simon’s path. He spends the duration of the movie […]

The official movie poster for "Tomorrowland." "Tomorrowland" was released in 2015 by Walt Disney Studios. Photo credit to
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Movie Review of “Tomorrowland” from April 24, 2018

By Alex Guerra “A vista into a world of wondrous ideas, signifying man’s achievements … a step into the future, with predictions of constructive things to come. Tomorrow offers new frontiers in science, adventure and ideals: the Atomic Age, the challenge of outer space and the hope for a peaceful, unified world.” This is […]