Jericho: "Brush Your Teeth, Kids" Comic. Original artwork by Maria Groth.

Jericho: “Brush Your Teeth, Kids” from March 27, 2018

Original artwork by Maria Groth
Ekho on Vacation by Lucas Schultz

Entertainment Section from November 21, 2017

Album Review: Wu-Tang's "The Saga Continues" By Mark Westphal “The Saga Continues” is the latest studio album from the legendary hip hop collective The Wu-Tang Clan, although for this album the...
Maria Groth comic

Entertainment Section from October 24, 2017

Draw Ekho Contest Hello, Dolphins! The CI View is hosting a drawing competition for the coming November issue. To enter, draw an original picture of Ekho, the CI mascot, and...

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December Finals Issue 2018


Student attacked on CI campus

By: Branden Hopper and Andrew Doran A student was reportedly attacked on campus this morning by another student who brandished a hand gun. The altercation took...

Wool gives fresh twist on post-apocalyptic novel

Wool by Hugh Howey By Alex Guerra It’s a world enclosed by metal walls and damp ceilings, a world where each man and woman are assigned...