Graduate Gallery

Congratulations 2021 graduates! The CI View student news is offering a new way for families and friends to honor their graduates with a CSUCI Graduate Gallery! This gallery is a place to celebrate the class of 2021, who have dedicated themselves to their education during a tumultuous time and we wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate them and their accomplishments on this page.

The options are:

  • One photo with a personalized message (70 word limit) for $15
  • Two photos with a personalized message (70 word limit) for $20

The CI View student news looks forward to seeing YOU on the CSUCI Graduate Gallery!

Book here! The deadline is May 7, 2021!

(**Example**) Matthew Leung

We knew you would get here, we never had our doubts. Congratulations on this wonderful accomplishment in your life! We are so proud and know this is one of many achievements you will have. Great things are ahead of you, with your family always behind you!

Much love & hugs from Mom & Dad and the whole fam!