Channel Your Potential: New CI slogan

by Caroline Lee

The 2017-2018 school year has started on a highly motivating note with the change in the university’s slogan. This year’s slogan, Channel Your Potential, has a much more inspiring message to spread compared to last year’s message, which was Learning Through Experience.

Taking a step back from Learning Through Experience, one can see how college life is not only about grasping every experience accessible to students but also seeing the point in how college is, most importantly, about self-discovery.

To channel your potential is to use your fortes to your advantage and to learn from your weaknesses when dealing with tasks such as independent work or everyday social skills. With this statement announced by CI, it seems extremely clear why the thriving, student-centered university would choose such an empowering slogan for students to strive for in terms of goals.

CI is constantly succeeding when it comes to broadening students’ horizons. With tools such as knowledgeable faculty members and a strong motive to teach through multicultural perspectives, CI can’t go wrong. There are many diverse organizations that are under the university that help students when looking for community service projects, internships and even building careers.

These types of organizations are some of the many extra steps CI encourages students to take in order to build themselves as successful people in society. Having so many amazing offers at your fingertips, it’s hard not to be able to discover your true potential in the working world at a university such as CI.

As a whole, CI has created the perfect environment for channeling your potential. Whether you are a first year, transfer or graduating senior, CI wants to encourage your goals and to remind you that nothing is unachievable.

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