Greek recruitment week

Greek recruitment week

By Jazzminn Morecraft

On Friday, January 25, the five sororities at CI started their recruitment process. They held an open house where each sorority tabled to share information and answer questions from individuals who were interested in becoming a member. The sororities will be continuing their formal spring 2019 recruitment on Friday, February 8, and will go through Sunday, February 10. The first two nights are preference nights with the last day being bid day.

“Formal recruitment consists of the sororities hosting ‘parties’ based on the preferences of the recruits and how they match-up with the voting of the current members” said Doreen Hatcher, Director of Student Transition & Engagement Programs. “There will be two nights of five-rounds to narrow down the selection matching, and invitations will be offered on the third day. We are planning to utilize a computer program to assist with matching the preferences of the potential new members with the current chapter members.”

The fraternity on campus, Beta Gamma Nu, will be hosting separate recruitment events. For this they will have several events throughout the week with two information nights as well. Like the sororities, Beta Gamma Nu will also extend all bids by Sunday February 10. “The plan is for everyone to extend invitations to new members by Feb. 1O,” said Hatcher.

Hatcher continued to give some insight into how recruitment will work. ”There will be an online training for current and potential members linked with their online registration,” said Hatcher. “Everyone has to be vetted through the registration process before they can participate in formal recruitment.” This form can be found on CI Sync and must be completed no later than 11:59 p.m. on Friday, February 5. ”All students, current members and potential new students, will need to complete an online training program to participate in formal recruitment,” said Hatcher.

When further explaining recruitment Hatcher said, “Formal Recruitment allows for students to interact with different sororities to determine which one best aligns with their values and expectations for Greek life.”

Hatcher continued to explain that recruitment is an annual event that has been moved to the spring to better support potential members. ” It’s referred to as ‘deferred recruitment’ in order to allow students to get their footing at CSUCI with the minimum GPA instead of seeking membership right out of high school or a previous institution.”

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