Students race to complete a tic-tac-toe game. Tic-tac-toe was one of many games being played during Kappa Rho Delta's Relay for Relay event to raise money for charity. Photo credit to Sarina Galindo.
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Relay for Relay raises over $500 for American Cancer Society from March 27, 2018

By Oliver Nguyen

The first annual Relay for Relay was held at Potrero Field on March 3. The event, hosted by Kappa Rho Delta, was held to raise money for CI’s Relay for Life fundraiser. It consisted of eight teams competing against each other in an assortment of relay-style events, bringing CI’s campus community together to raise money for charity.

Two sororities and one fraternity on campus entered the competition with Kappa Rho Delta, Zeta Pi Omega and Beta Gamma Nu fielding squads. Others that joined the competition were CI’s Student Government, Breaking Pointe dance club, Cheer club, a group of Kappa Rho Delta students called the Pink Ladies and a student group unaffiliated with the University called Kappa Sigma.

The event started with a race to lower a pen tied to a string around each person’s waist into a bottle, followed by a wheelbarrow relay race. After a break for pizza, the proceedings continued with a tournament-style event called Dizzy Kick, where teams raced against each other to get dizzy by spinning around 10 times and then attempting to score a goal on an empty net.

This was followed by a competition to see which team could eat baby food the fastest. The day ended with a tie-breaking regular relay race between four teams to determine final standings. In the end, Beta Gamma Nu came in first, with second place going to the students of Kappa Sigma and the Student Government team rounding out the podium in third.

Overall, the event was able to raise over $500 through donations and raffle tickets sold. The students of Kappa Sigma raised the most funds. Despite light showers midway through the day and somewhat chilly temperatures as clouds covered the sky, the event was a resounding success.

“The atmosphere at the event was everything we wanted,” said Makenzie Stancliff of Kappa Rho Delta. “We can’t wait to start planning next year’s event. We wanted to give a huge thank you to the eight teams who participated and made this event a success!”

For anyone who wants to donate and compete, the second annual Relay for Relay will be held next spring to raise money for the Relay for Life fundraiser.

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