Adderall: The silent problem

By Andrew Doran (*Editor’s note: All the names of students have been changed in order to protect their identity and prevent repercussions from future professors or from the University.) It is 2 a.m. and Brianna Reyes* is having a hard time trying to concentrate on her homework that is due in 12 hours. She is […]


More than just voting nationally

By Robert McDonald The upcoming Presidential Primary on March 3 does not solely decide who is running for President. According to the Ventura County recorder’s office, Ventura County will vote on who will be the next county Supervisor, one of three people with a large amount of executive and legislative power for the county. The […]


Finding love from an app

By Vyctorya Thomas-Vanzant For those unacquainted with online dating, the thought of choosing an app from the multitudes available and creating a profile for hundreds of people to swipe on can be intimidating. Derrick Vargas, junior communication major, and Paige Holehouse, senior English major, gave their opinions on the dating apps most used by young […]