CI is Now Smoke and Tobacco Free from September 26, 2017

By Ivey Mellem and Jazzminn Morecraft

On April 7 of this year, Executive Order 1108 was signed by Chancellor White and was implemented on Sept. 1. This order restricts the use of tobacco and nicotine products, including vapes, e-cigs, chew and “snuff,” among others, across all 23 CSU campuses.

With CI now completely smoke-free, there are no longer any designated smoking areas anywhere on campus. Smokers and tobacco users must leave the premises if they want to smoke or use any smoke or tobacco related products.

The only place on campus where members of CI can smoke is in University Glen, because it is a public neighborhood. There is a map available online on the CI website that shows the campus shaded in red, which marks it as a non-smoking zone, while the areas that are shaded in purple are okay to smoke in. However, be aware that there is a severe fire hazard in these areas.

Students on campus had varying opinions on the new policy. “It’s kind of tough,” Jesus Palencia said. “I believe that you should have the freedom to have an area to smoke, but I also do believe smoking is a bad habit, so I am torn…but like I said you should still have that freedom to have a designated smoking area.”

Another student, Gabriella Cole, does not believe the new policy is a good idea. “I think it’s kind of stupid… So many people smoke cigarettes, they’re addicted, they suffer when they don’t get their cigarette,” she explained.

For anyone on campus who is struggling with this new policy, there is help available for coping with withdrawals as well as quitting. For students, there is Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) and Student Health Services that provides information about smoking cessation options. For faculty and staff who need help, information can be found by visiting university employee benefits.

There is also a California Smokers’ Helpline reachable at 1-800-NO-BUTTS, which is available to anyone who is looking to quit smoking or who needs help coping with withdrawals.

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