Happy Feet: A New Dance Floor

Happy Feet: A New Dance Floor

By Aileen Lawrence

Oct. 11 students, faculty, staff, administration and alumni all gathered to celebrate the installation of CI’s new dance floor in Malibu Hall. After years of dance studies majors dancing on semi-permanent Marley Vinyl dance flooring, they have officially installed a new hardwood sprung floor.  

Heather Castillo Performing Arts Program Chair & Associate Professor 

“The new dance floor has honestly provided students with a lot more resources when it comes to the performing arts. Because of the new floor, we’re able to invite more students in, not only to take classes, but also cultural clubs have been able to meet in the room, whereas before no one really had a place to go. The studio has really been able to build a stronger community between students and faculty.” said Gabriella Perry, 4th year dance studies major and president of CI Dance Club. 

The wood sprung flooring is far safer to dance on. With the wide variety of dance classes available to students, having this floor means much more freedom to dance and less worrying about the old flooring. It also provides a new opportunity to transform the dance room in to a classroom if need be.   

Dedications on floor boards

Before the floor was completed, CI dance students gathered and wrote out personal dedications on the wood boards. Alberto Sanchez, 1st year Dance Studies Major, “didn’t get to write on one but my names on there. ” Along with Sanchez, all the names of dance alumni and any ‘dance-estors’ were honored with a permanent home underneath the new floor. 

 Finally, Oct. 8 the new floor was completed!