A Year in Review From ASI Student Government

A Year in Review From ASI Student Government

A Letter From ASI Student Government President Daisy Navarrete and Vice-President Jazmin Guajardo

Student Government would like to congratulate you on finishing the 2023-2024 academic year!
We are incredibly grateful for the honor we’ve had representing the student body at the campus
level, state level, and national level!

This year we have passed 5 Resolutions that have supported higher education affordability,
student involvement, success and retention. Your Student Government representatives served
on over 15+ University Committees, attended every Academic Senate meeting, met with
President Yao, VPSA Dr. Ford Turnbow, and Dean of Students Heck monthly. Most notably we
advocated for the following tangible initiatives:

● Meal swipes at the Student Union Lighthouse Café during late night eats
● Survey and feedback sessions for Dining Experiences on campus
● Increasing awareness of Parenting Student resources which lead to the discovery of a
Bell Tower Lactation Room 1621 & advocacy for cost of attendance adjustments on
Financial Aid website for Parenting Students
● Increasing installments for Fall Semester housing payment plans – beginning Fall 2024
● Firm opposition towards Tuition Increase – and advocacy to increase awareness of
tuition increase via Canvas Announcements & implementation of the Tuition Increase
● Strong presence at Academic Senate during policy creation, revision, and
implementation regarding academic affairs – Policy on Faculty Office Hours, Add Policy,
Withdrawal Policy, Credit for Prior Learning Policy, and many more!
● CFA Strike Support
● Highlighting and emphasizing the Student Grievance Procedure on our platforms
● Clubs & Organizations recognition survey

Our most favorite and fulfilling parts during the 2023-2024 term include meeting with students in
various spaces and inviting them to our office to share their stories. We were thrilled and
honored to serve a diverse student body and uplift YOUR voice. Through shared experiences
from our peers, we proactively engaged in conversations with University Administrators to
understand and provide feedback and direct student experiences.

We would like to emphasize that you, the student body, are the center of CSU Channel Islands.
Your Student Government leaders are here to represent YOU and selflessly lead throughout
their term. We encourage you to meet with your elected student representatives through Senate
Meetings, Office Hours, and through email at SGASI@csuci.edu

We look forward to what the future holds, and we could not be more proud of our Dolphin Pod
that has accomplished many initiatives, goals, and events throughout their time at CI as
students and leaders to create true and substantial change! We hope to see you run for office