Arthur the King: A Movie Review

Arthur the King: A Movie Review

By Adam Barukh

Courtesy of Lionsgate Studios

This is a must-see movie, based on a true story that was released on March 15, 2024.  In the movie, audiences can watch a bond between a street dog and a racer named Michael Light (Mark Wahlberg) forged during his last attempt to win an Adventure Racing World Championship in the Dominican Republic. 

As a movie fanatic with experience in being a critic, I watched the movie twice. I can say it is a movie that anyone can enjoy and connect with. There are many components such as family, competition within the racers, adventure, sadness and more.  

Not everyone might agree, but the sadness component is what helps the overall movie be enjoyable. Audiences can get the backstory of Michael and his present life three-year safter his last race in 2015. Deeper into the movie, a lonely street dog that was barely surviving. 

By feeling sorry and sad for them both, audiences can invest and care for them both. The human and dog duo help each other survive and accomplish personal growth. The duo leads to the street dog getting his name, which the movie is named after. 

When asked others what they had thought about the movie, they told me it was great because of the dog and Wahlberg despite it having sad toned story. This proves my point that this duo is the highlight of the film. 

As all the events in the film unfold, audiences can lose themselves in each scene. The soundtrack music, I feel, supports each scene that the music is involved in. Essentially, the movie does a great job with adding a special audio layer element that expresses and amplifies the intensity of what is happening around Michael.        

Overall I give this movie an 8.5/10 rating score.