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The CI View is committed to accuracy in its reporting. To request a correction to an article or video published by The CI View, please submit the piece with justification for correction to All correction requests will be reviewed and any corrections (if necessary to ensure factual accuracy) may be corrected, potentially without notice of the claimant.

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The CI View remains dedicated to ensuring accuracy in its reporting. If you believe you have found factual errors or have concerns regarding content, we encourage you to reach out to the current Editor-in-Chief, The editor in chief maintains ultimate authority in decisions regarding corrections. All claims will be reviewed and any corrections (if necessary to ensure factual accuracy) will be posted to the bottom of the article in question, potentially without notice of the claimant. Statements given willingly, information that is a matter of public record, as well as minor factual inaccuracies that do not significantly alter the essence or gist of the larger message are not subject to libel claims. All claims regarding content of this type will likely not be made, but you are still encouraged to reach out and provide any supporting evidence you deem appropriate.  

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A letter to the editor is meant to express your opinion or point of view about content from The CI View or an issue that affects The CI View readership. Letters to the editor are not guaranteed publication. To submit a letter to the editor please email with your full name, and how you are associated to CI. Please keep your word count between 150-400.