Graduate Gallery 2023

Congratulations 2023 graduates! This gallery is a place to celebrate the class of 2023, who have dedicated themselves to their education over the years and we wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate them and their accomplishments on this page. Families and/or friends have chosen to celebrate their graduate(s) with a message and 1-2 photos, which is currently featured below and will forever be archived on The CI View website!

Lara Alicia Aguayo

Lara, we are so proud of you! You did it, kiddo. Your determination, patience and overall commitment to your education is amazing to us all.  We could not be prouder of you. You are a strong, intelligent and beautiful person. Always believe in yourself! We love you kid!

Mom, Dad, Bro, and the entire family

Heather Alexander

Heather, Congratulations on your Graduation! You have worked so hard to reach this milestone. You are such a lightening bolt of potential and we are so incredibly proud of your accomplishments… Reach for the stars Angel Baby, the sky is the limit!

We Love You, Mom and Dad

Darlene Ayala

Congratulations Darlene! We’re so proud of everything you’ve achieved throughout your childhood. It wasn’t always easy, but you worked hard and maintained a good attitude. Your determination and positive outlook will get you far. We love you mija!

Darlene Ayala

Congratulations on your well-deserved success. We can’t wait to see where life will take you next.

Estrella Barbosa

Congratulations, Estrella! SPB couldn’t have been the same without your presence and commitment. We hope you continue to shine in what you do!

-The CI View (ASI)

Elise Bechtel

Congrats on Graduation Elise!! As a CI View member/exec member for your entire four years, The CI View will certainly not be the same without you! We’ll miss you! Good luck with all your future endeavors.

-The CI View (ASI)

Marissa Brink

Congratulations, Marissa! Thank you for the time and dedication you have generously given to Student Union and CI! Your efforts have helped strengthen the campus community. May your time beyond CI be full of prosperity and joy! 🐧 

– The CI View (ASI)


Citlalli, today your future begins, the road here was probably hard but the road ahead will definitely be gratifying. Thank you for the pride of seeing you graduate today with honors. Blessings on the road ahead, the sky is the limit and you have all needed to conquer it. We will be here to see you succeed enjoying your ride.

Love you always, Mom and Dad

Destiny Caster

Congratulations, Destiny! We are proud and amazed at all you have accomplished in The CI View, ASI and CI as a whole! You were the best Managing Editor, always bringing compassion, responsibility and tastefully sarcastic humor to the office. May there be success and lots of plants in your future!

– The CI View (ASI)

Ann Deuyour

Congratulations on this special day as your hard work brought you to this outstanding accomplishments your worked hard to meet your goals with a wonderful journey in college. You tried new things. You studied abroad and became independent and gained a new perspective. It is wonderful that you had so many remarkable professors to learn and grow and blossom. Your patience and empathy in working with others is astounding. Go forward to make changes you seek. Way to go Annie/ Ariel. 

Mary Ford

Congratulations Mary! We are all so proud of you! You are an inspiration to us all! Lucy is so blessed to have a mommy like you!

Javier Garnica

Congratulations Javi! Over the years your ambition, hard work and dedication got you to where you are today. Not only in your school work, but in the Kappa Sigma Fraternity and student government did you show your leadership and strength even in the toughest of times. Good luck in graduate school and whatever else the future holds for you!

– The CI View (ASI)

Griffin Giboney

Congratulations, Griffin! We are going to miss you at The CI View. Thank you for being a great Media Editor and peer! We are wishing you the best of luck in your future, we know it will be great!

– The CI View (ASI)

David Gomez

Congratulations David! The work you have put into SPB these past years will always be appreciated, and we hope you continue to bring your energy wherever you go. Best wishes on your future journeys!

– The CI View (ASI)

Alegra Grace

Happy Graduation Alegra! Congratulations on all your achievements both in your academics and at ASI. Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you’ve put into Student Government. We wish you the best of luck in this next chapter of your life! 

– The CI View (ASI)

Celeste Gutierrez

Congratulations Celeste! After a long journey of discipline, you’ve worked hard to achieve your goals. We are so proud of you. This is just the beginning. New dreams, embrace life with passion and continue to reach for the stars. We wish you all the success and happiness the world has to offer you. Best of luck in the next chapter daughter, be limitless, be fearless. We love you.

Love, mom and dad.

Emily Hernandez

Congratulations, Emily! Your work and contributions to Student Union and CI will be cherished! Thank you for helping to make campus a welcoming and engaging place to be. Wishing you luck and success in your future endeavors!

– The CI View (ASI)

Emiko Ito

Congratulations!!! We are so proud of you! You are awesome and we can’t wait for your next adventure! We love you!

Grandma and Grandpa

Natalie Javate

Congratulations on your graduation Nat! You did it! Cherish the fruit of your hard work Nat. Keep it up, continue to chase your dreams. We wish you all the success and happiness as you enter a new chapter of your life. We are so proud of you Nat! Love you so much!

Love Dad, Mom, Nina, Noreen and Nala

Kadejha Jones

Congratulations, Kadejha! Thank you for all your hard work in SPB and for bringing energy into the office. We are so excited to see what you achieve in your future endeavors!

– The CI View (ASI)

Ian-Austin S. Jimenez

Ian, we are so proud of you.  I know it has not been easy for you, but your hard work and dedication has paid off.  I can’t wait to see everything that you accomplish in your next step.  Congratulations on this special achievement in earning your Business Degree! We love you to the moon and back!

Love- Mom, Dad, Adam Jr., Eric, Nathan & Gianna

Elijah Joseph Lew

We’ve watch you from the time you were just a little guy, fight. Your refusal to be underestimated has been one of the most inspirational experiences in our lives. Despite life being a constant challenge, you continue to recover and forge your own unique path in this world. You make us so very proud!

All of our love, Dad, Mom, Mia and Archie

Leo Mendoza

Congratulations, Leo! We are so proud of you and all you have done for the Student Union. Thank you for your hard work in making Student Union a fun place to be! We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!

– The CI View (ASI)

Sergio Mercado

Congratulations, Sergio! We are so proud of all the things you have accomplished both at The CI View and as a student of CI. Thank you for being a fantastic Editor-In-Chief and example to other students. We’re so excited to see what’s next for you!

– The CI View (ASI)

Bailey Anne Morris

We are so proud of your tenacity, scholarship, and community service as a Health Science major, graduating with honors. We know you will make many meaningful contributions to the world of STEM in your future career!

Breannah Ortiz

Congratulations, Bree! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication in making Student Union as lively and entertaining as possible and thank you for all that you have done for The CI View! We wish you the best of luck with your future, we are so excited to see what’s next for you!

– The CI View (ASI)

Sara Ostermann

Congratulations Sara! We are so proud of your academic and ASI achievements. Thank you for bringing more light and fun to the Student Union. Best of luck and we cannot wait to see what the future has in store for you! 

– The CI View (ASI)

Stephany Lynette Pohlman

Words can not express how proud we are of you! We blinked and you are graduating with your masters in Stem Cell Biology. We can’t wait to see what your future holds but we know it will be bright! We continue to pray for Gods blessings over you as you bless others in your work endeavors! We love you so much!

Love Mom & Dad

TJ Ramirez

Congrats on Graduation TJ!! Your friendly and enthusiastic presence in the CI View office made it a joy to have you around! Wishing you the best of luck in your future endeavors!

-The CI View (ASI)

Kyle Richards

Congratulations, Kyle! We are very proud of the work you have done in The CI View, ASI and our campus. You were a great Business Manager and rep for Bass Pro Shop. Wishing you success and happiness in your journey beyond CI!

– The CI View (ASI)

Arquill Sayles Ii

Congratulations Arquill! You are so incredibly talented in your work and everything you did for ASI Graphics this year. Thank you for always supporting ASI with your amazing creativity and wonderful attitude. We cannot wait to see what you do next!

-The CI View (ASI)

Ilien Tolteca

Congratulations, Ilien! It has been a joy seeing you bring your own personal touch to ASI and student leadership this past year. We hope you’ll continue to grow as an artist and as a leader. Best wishes in all your future journeys!

– The CI View (ASI)

Guadalupe Villasenor

Lupita, I Couldn’t be prouder of you on your graduation. Despite the challenges you encounter, you did it mija. SI SE PUDO! Always remember your roots, embrace your culture, and keep shining and flourishing.

Love your mom

Aubreyanna White

It was just yesterday you were a little girl playing school in bedroom and now your hard work and perseverance allowed you to achieve this impressive achievement and we can’t think of anyone who deserves it more! You are and will be such an inspiration to everyone that has the opportunity to cross your path! We are so proud of you. Here’s to your next adventure, we know it be as amazing as you.