Student’s small business spreads love 

Student’s small business spreads love 

Photo provided by Ben Baker

By Sebina Rothschild

When walking around the beautiful campus of CI, chances are you have spotted a bright orange sticker with the word “love” on it. Courtesy of Love Clothing, CI is filled with little stickers of love!

Benjamin Baker, a sophomore business major, created Love Clothing intending to spread love, peace and positivity through recycled clothing and stickers.

Starting with drawing on clothes donated to him by friends and pieces from thrift stores, Baker’s peers took notice. Baker stated, “People at my high school would love it; they would come up to me and ask: Hey, would you do that for me?”

At the end of Baker’s senior year of high school, he had the epiphany that he could put any message he wanted into the world, even through something as simple as a sticker and clothes. “From there, I asked myself, what is a message worth spreading? Spread peace and love,” said Baker. 

Realizing his drawings were not permanent, Baker looked into embroidery as an everlasting way to put his art on recycled clothing. “It just so happened that my mom’s friend was getting rid of her embroidery machine, and that is how I started to embroider,” Baker stated.

Being inspired to create by the love he receives through selling his clothes, Baker has vowed to put out love with whatever he does. “I have made so many friends and received so much love in return through this. Because of that, I know for a fact I’m doing the right thing!”

To get a piece of love of your own, Love Clothing sells everything in-person at local markets. “I go to any market I can attend, whether it’s at CSUCI, or Riverside, CA; I sell in person to connect with my customers and tell them the story of each piece,” Baker informed. You can also contact Baker on Instagram @loveshopclothing for a custom order.

If you see a love sticker around, know that Benjamin Baker was there spreading positive energy to help make the world more loving!