Let’s Review: Furlough Days

By Ernest Medina, Video Game Correspondent

*Published in the print edition of The Channel Islands View in Nov. 2009

Hey, guys and girls, I’m taking a break from a game review to talk about my opinion on the furlough days that were instituted this year as a cost cutting measure due to the economy-being in the toilet.

Let’s be honest with each other. When we first heard about furloughs, there was a part of us that thought “Days where we don’t have to come to class? This is great.”

We were then informed that would still need to cover all the material the class required and that meant assignments at home. We were also told that, on these days, no help could be asked for from a teacher.

Don’t understand something about the assignment you were given for the furlough day?

Too bad, better suck it up and figure out on your own. But let’s not forget, that is not the teachers fault. They had to sign contracts saying they would not do any work on those days. On top of that, a 10% pay cut. Either you do that, or you lose your job. What do you expect a person to do?

This week is a good week for me to write this, as I had three classes furloughed.

First, Political Science. Now, most would say “Well, that’s not too bad.”, and, to be honest, it’s not.

But the next one’s a different story: American Sign Language. Since you can’t see my reaction, let me emphasize: A LAUNGUAGE CLASS. I know I need to spend as much time in this class as I can and I know I’m not alone when I say that. To add to that, it was on a day when we were suppose to learn new words; and let me say, a book drawing is not as good as a teacher standing there making sure you get it.

Finally, probably the worst part about furloughs for students came when my history class was furloughed. Again, you might say “What’s wrong with that?” Again, I would say not much…. Unless you forget that the class is furloughed and you sit in class for 10 minutes before you figure it out. I’ve done that twice this semester.

I understand the reason from furloughs and I would rather that they happen then teachers losing their jobs. But it’s been said all semester long “20% more for 10% less.” meaning we’re paying more and getting less.

Some students need the classroom to be productive and the less time they have there, the worse they do. And to ban teachers from doing any kind of work, giving any kind of help is ridiculous. It’s been preached to us since we were kids that education was the way to get ahead in this world. Then, let us have our education and stop trying to take it, bit by bit, from us!

Final Score: 1/10