Satellite Campus grows up: Campus moves toward becoming its own CSU

By Jennifer Coman Sundial Staff

*Published in the print edition of The Daily Sundial on Sept. 9, 1999

Construction to complete the newest addition to the CSU system is set to be completed in 2002 with the opening of CSUN at Channel Islands campus in Ventura County.

The $11.5 million renovation will transform the facilities and structures that are currently being used to support the Channel Islands (formerly CSU Northridge, Ventura Campus) into a modem university with state-of-the-art computer labs, triple the amount of available classrooms, and contemporary facilities for students.

A San Diego based construction company, Cox Construction Co., began renovations in November of 1998 with the refurbishment of the bell tower, a two-story structure over 60 years old that will soon be home to 25 classrooms and administration facilities. The computer tech building, which is adjacent to the bell tower will house four computer labs, each equipped with 30- 40 computer stations.

“In order to accommodate an accelerated schedule to get us in here, we set the bell tower and computer tech building as priorities,” said Stephen Lefevre, Director of Student Affairs.

The library, which will occupy an estimated 650,000 square feet of the 64 acre campus will be completed in three to four months, according to Lefevre, and will be linked to the Oviatt database allowing access to Channel Islands students.

Other soon-to-be-built structures include the student health center and improved food services.

“Through Northridge university we’re looking at food services that will actually do lunches and dinners out here,” said Lefevre.

The Channel Islands campus is also concerned with the environment and is making a conscientious effort to preserve a “green campus,” by implementing programs and services like providing a shuttle service for students from nearby Oxnard and Camarillo.

“The shuttle service is basically to cut down on noise and air pollution, as well as to pro-vide transportation for our students. The campus has decided that it wants to be good friends to the physical environment,” Lefevre said.

“Everything’s not perfect, but we’re getting there.”