The Channel

*Published in the print edition of The Channel in March 21, 2002

Paul Adalian Named

University Librarian

Mr. Paul T. Adalian, Jr., currently the Assistant Dean for Information and Instructional Services at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, has been selected as CSUCI’s first University Librarian. Mr. Adalian received a B.A. degree in History from Stanislaus State College, an M.A. in History from Loyola University of Los Angeles, and an M.L.S. degree in Library Science from Syracuse University in New York.

Mr. Adalian has been at Cal Poly SLO for 24 years, first as Head of the Reference Department, later as Interim Associate Dean, and presently as Assistant Dean. Prior to his service at SLO, Mr. Adalian was Head of the Reference Department at San Francisco State University, from 1976 to 1978.

CSUCI Student Applications

Increase by 88 in Two Weeks

The number of applications from transfer students to CSUCI for this coming fall semester totals 545, an increase of 88 over this time two weeks ago. Using a yield rate of 71%, this number would translate to a total of 387 enrolled students, or 258 FTES.

The total number of student applications by major to date are as follows: Art 36, Biology 37, Business 164, Computer Science 35, English 25, Environmental Science 15, Liberal Studies 202, Mathematics l, Undeclared 30.

Construction Update

East Campus

  1. Widening of University Drive for turn lanes at University Glen intersection. Paving to be completed by March 29.
  2. Installation of barrier rails for Long Grade Canyon Creek (LGCC) bridge.
  3. Installation of the relocated boxed trees in the turn circles.
  4. Installation of pressure reducing valves on domestic and reclaimed water mains.
  5. Continue irrigation of the meadow area at the entrance to the housing project.
  6. Installation of main line irrigation along Channel Islands Dr. North end of project.

Brookfield Campus Housing

  1. Framer to erect roof sheathing and truss assemblies for Colina Vista homes (single family).
  2. Concrete foundations to be completed on all product types.
  3. Second floor framing continues on north apartment site buildings.
  4. Framing of first floors continues on both townhome projects.
  5. Underground utilities to be installed on both apartment site locations (power, gas, CATV, phones).