Capturing the moment

Capturing the moment

By Sarina Galindo

Photography can provide a complex look at the world and the people in it. CI students can be a part of that magic by joining the Photography Club, which was founded in Fall 2018 by senior liberal studies majors Alexandra McGrath and Robert Hatch.

The CI View interviewed Vice President and Treasurer of the Photography Club, Jonathan Demorest, who’s in his senior year majoring in business. He stated that both McGrath and Hatch started the club to encourage people to get socially active with photography, start networking with other photographers and to share their ideas and resources as well as take in the true beauty that is capturing a moment or emotion. “We have many members who are looking to improve their photography skills and we encourage all to participate,” said Demorest.

The club encourages anyone who wishes to take photos or model to join. They want people to ask questions that they truly want to know the answers to. Demorest let The CI View know that this club is a creative learning environment and a place to not be stressed with projects or grades like in photography class but to improve, grow and relax in.

The club provides information about the library, carrying equipment and applications that the members can use if they are just starting out. They have also organized workshops and safaris around Ventura County to improve their skills and take in the beauty of the natural surroundings. Demorest stated that the president and himself want to not just have the members’ ideas and work shown throughout the club but online as well. They will also be sharing the more experienced members work on their Instagram. You can follow them @csuciphotoclub. This club is open, running, growing and capturing sights that will take your breath away.

If you enjoy taking photos or enjoy modeling, you can go to the Photography Club and get started. The Photography Club meets in the Student Union Coville Conference Room on Tuesdays from 5 – 6:30 p.m.

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