CI goes outdoors

By Andrew Doran

As the rain and winter dissipate into the past, students are more keen on getting out and enjoying the outdoors. Walking, hiking, or camping in Southern California in the spring is a wonderful time to get out and enjoy the springtime bloom and warmer nights with friends or family. Luckily for CI students, there is a program through Campus Recreation that allows students to do exactly that.

The Outdoor Adventures program website states on their website that they look to enrich “students with experiences that promote personal growth, experiential learning, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship to the CI community.” They have a variety of programs available for all students. They offer kayaking, hiking, walks, camping, sailing and standup paddle boarding. Lauren Zahn, the Recreations Sports Assistant, told The CI View that there are always activities available for students.

”We’re not so much a club, but more like a campus entity,” said Zahn. “Every semester we offer many hiking opportunities and some camping trips. We do about six to eight different day hikes that are free for students. We have overnight trips available that does cost a small fee, but it’s cheaper than a student doing it on their own. This semester, we are doing two overnight trips to Santa Rosa Island, one for two nights and the other for one night.”

Even though the trips have a cost associated with them, it is still cheaper than a student would be able to do by themselves. Overnight trips to Santa Rosa Island include food, transportation on the boat, and a guide that will allow students to learn how to stay safe while on the island. There are different levels of activities, so if a student is looking for something that is easier, they are able to do so. The trips are also student led and these students have a certain amount of training to be sure that everyone is safe and can participate in all the activities.

If students are interested in going on one of the hikes or overnight trips they can register online. Students just need to go to the campus recreation page on Cis website and they will find all the information they need.

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