Dress for success with Ekho’s Career Closet

Dress for success with Ekho’s Career Closet
by Noah Schiminowski

There’s something new drawing students to the Career and Leadership Development center — free professional clothing. Some students may not be aware of how to present themselves for interviews or in an office setting. If they are, they may not already own appropriate clothing.

With this new program, called Ekho’s Career Closet, being run and maintained by their peers, students are encouraged to stop by and examine the clothes on display. The clothes available are completely free and don’t need to be returned. They are yours to keep, even after your interview or meeting is over.

“You can stop by at any time and look at what we have,” said Madeleine Johnson-Winegar, a communication major who helped start the program. “We’re still working on a system for making appointments with students on times that work for them, which we’ll probably do.”

While the program is still very new, it will likely be a fantastic resource for students and alumni. “It’ll be a permanent thing,” Johnson-Winegar continued. “It’s obviously going to change a little bit since it’s in its first stages, but it will be a resource that we’re going to be able to use forever, hopefully.”

A long-term professional wardrobe for students sounds too good to be true, but it has become a reality at CI. To ensure that it achieves success, there are bins in the Career and Leadership Development center where people can donate their gently used professional clothing.

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