New media with The CI View

New media with The CI View

by Clepsy Hernandez

This year, The CI View would like to introduce the new broadcasting team, Media Editor: Broadcasting, Clepsy Hernandez and Online Content Creator, Andreya Martinez. The broadcasting team was created in order to expand our media content as a newspaper and will be split into two different areas. 

The first area will consist of broadcasting segments of news coverage, campus highlights, student video series’ and documentaries. Our news coverage videos will work alongside the paper and give you a different point of view to the stories. We will be looking to film interviews of students and staff to get their real-time perspectives on important issues. Our documentary series will aim to capture raw stories from the studen ts and staff. Whether they are about the student success stories or CI myths, we will continue to find the answers for you. Missed a school event? We will cover it and let you in on what happened. 

The second area works alongside with broadcasting, focusing in on social media news content. Keeping you up to date on current events around campus and giving you a behind-the-scenes look at The CI View. We want to develop a strong, engaging presence on social media to interact with our audience. Follow us and let us know what you want to see!

The CI View broadcasting team is very excited to create raw, informative and meaningful content for the students by the students. You can find us online at Our handle for both Instagram and Twitter is TheCIView. Also, you are able to find us on Facebook at CIView. 

If you are interested in joining our broadcasting team, feel free to either join one of our member meetings on Tuesdays in the Coville Conference Room in the Student Union Building, or email us at

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