School of Education Pinning Ceremony

By Kayla Munoz

The Annual School of Education Pinning Ceremony is just around the corner. Occurring on May 17 at 4 p.m., this event is to be held at the Broome Library Plaza. However, an RSVP is required by April 22.

This will be the second School of Education (SOE) Ceremony to happen at CI. This event was created to honor the work of the students with complete degrees, programs and credentials. The ceremony marks student’s achievements as a milestone in their educational careers.

Only a select few of students are chosen to speak. It is considered an honor to be selected to present at a student pinning address. Speaking at the School of Education Ceremony conveys a message of inspiration and encouragement by sharing common experiences and insights that inspire their SOE graduates.

The ceremony will inspire not only their fellow School of Education graduates but also those who will attend the ceremony in the future as graduates themselves. Be sure to support your fellow dolphins and attend the event on May 17th!

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