Sororities excited for formal recruitment

Sororities excited for formal recruitment

by Jazzminn Morecraft

With the virtual nature of this academic year, many clubs, programs and opportunities have had to find a way to reach students in new ways. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Greek life at CI has done the same. 

Greek life at CI is unique in the fact that it only recognizes five sororities and one fraternity, of which all but one are independent of any nationally recognized Greek life. The five sororities are Alpha Delta Psi, Kappa Rho Delta, Sigma Omega Nu (the one nationally recognized sorority at CI), Xi Sigma and Zeta Pi Omega, and the one fraternity is Beta Gamma Nu. 

Each spring, the sororities come together to host one formal recruitment, and this spring is no exception. While the application to participate in recruitment is closed and recruitment itself is well on the way to starting, it is important to acknowledge the hard work students are putting in to still make lasting memories while at college.  

Sorority recruitment will take place over Zoom, like many other events this year, over a four-day period. Each day will be a different topic, which will include an open house, philanthropy night, preference night and a final bid day. And while the current individuals in Greek life will miss seeing and interacting with potential new sisters in person, they are trying to look on the brighter side of things. “Planning rush week virtually has been difficult but no matter what we are still excited to meet everyone,” informed Kappa Rho Delta.  

It is also important to look at what advantages having recruitment over Zoom might bring. The first one is the ability to reach so many individuals. “I think one very important advantage will be our social media platforms. We have been able to reach out to so many girls,” explained Alpha Delta Psi. In addition to a further reach, being virtual and therefore in one’s own space might calm some individuals. “Being in our own space will make everyone feel more comfortable, especially if they are feeling nervous about the rush process,” said Kappa Rho Delta. Lastly, Xi Sigma added that it might work better for some’s conflicting schedules. “I would say the biggest advantage is having the girls be able to hop on the Zoom, compared to in person, if they couldn’t make it due to time conflicts.” 

For individuals who are participating in the recruitment process, please be aware that the different sororities are planning to make them as engaging, interactive and fun as possible. “We are planning to make it fun by having events on zoom to have members interact with each other,” informed Zeta Pi Omega. “The time spent in a sorority should be stress free, yes there is some responsibility, but really it should be a break from reality for a little bit of your week.” 

To reach out to the different sororities, find them on Instagram at their corresponding handles: @xi.sigma, @zetapiomega, @alphadeltapsici, @kappa_rho_delta and @sigmaomeganu.  

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