The Island Fox: CI’s Literary Journal

The Island Fox: CI’s Literary Journal

By Ryanne Slagiel

CI is a school full of hidden gems, with our rich history and bustling present-day university campus. One of these hidden gems happens to be The Island Fox. Named after a species of fox native to the Channel Islands, The Island Fox is a tradition to be celebrated here at CI. 

The Island Fox serves as CI’s student-led literary journal. In essence, this means that any student, alumni, professor or even community member can submit their work for a chance at being published. Established in 2005, The Island Fox has been through many iterations.  

The Island Fox is an opportunity to get your writing out there for the world to see. “Seeing your work on paper is different,” Carswell said, “it honors your art in a way that online just doesn’t seem to honor art. Online we’re taught to skim. On paper, we’re taught to read.” 

If you are a writer, a poet, an artist or a photographer, the Island Fox can help you in getting your work out and into the world. As a creative, it is so hard to take your work from your bedroom or studio to where people can see it. As a student-led publication, you’re being evaluated by and alongside your peers. It levels out the playing field for so many students who otherwise may not have the ability to get published. 

The Island Fox is currently accepting submissions, and will be until Feb. 21. See their Instagram for more information. 

Don’t want to submit, but want to support anyway? Don’t worry! The Island Fox always does a release party, where you can pick up for free and come out to support!