Your newly elected student leaders: ASI Elections results for 2023-24 

Your newly elected student leaders: ASI Elections results for 2023-24 

Graphic by Elise Bechtel

By Emily Chang

The results are out for the 2023-24 ASI Elections, where voting was held April 11 through April 12. A total of 321 students participated in voting for their ASI elected representatives for the next academic year by casting their ballot online via CI Sync.

There was a total of four candidates: two running as a president and vice-presidential ticket, a senator candidate and a candidate running for senator and ASI Board director. All candidates were unopposed and needed to receive a minimum of 10% of votes out of the total number of students who cast votes in this year’s ASI Elections in order to be elected.

Third-year health science major Daisy Navarrete and third-year nursing major Jazmin Guajardo won the ticket for president and vice president with 96% of total student votes received. In a joint statement from the president-elect and vice president-elect, they said, “We are honored and thankful to have been elected as Student Government President and Vice President. We want to express gratitude to all the students who voted and supported our campaign.”

Fourth-year Chicana/o studies and psychology double major Lisa Marie Ruiz entered the race for one of the nine available senator positions. Ruiz received 75% of total ballots cast. She said, “I’m excited that I was elected to be a Senator next year. I will do my best to represent all students and be a voice regarding issues and any concerns they might have regarding this beautiful campus. Thank you to everyone who voted for me. Go Dolphins!”

Third-year political science major Andreas Garza also ran for one of the nine senator positions in addition to ASI Board director. For ASI Student Government senator, Garza earned 44% of ballots casted. “Feels good, I done did it. Thanks to everyone I know and the whole 139 people that voted me for senator. Join SQE (Students for Quality Education),” he stated. For ASI Board director, Garza received 91% of total votes. Per the ASI Election Code, Garza was given the choice to serve either position, and has accepted the role of senator.

On May 3, Navarrete and Guajardo will be sworn in on the Student Union patio. All newly elected officers will be introduced at an ASI Board meeting on May 4 at 7:40 a.m. via Zoom. They will begin their terms on June 1, but the majority of the work for the senators will occur during the academic year. Senators will be voted into their specific areas typically during the first Senate meeting of fall 2023.

In closing, Navarrete and Guajardo stated, “Our peers are our motivation. We are here to make your voice heard. We invite our peers to attend Senate Meetings and Office Hours to share their concerns and individual experiences because with their stories we are able to invoke true and substantial change.”

For more information about the ASI Elections results, view the ASI Elections results document here: