20 years of CI through student news

20 years of CI through student news

Graphic by Destiny Caster

By The CI View Editing Team

As CI navigated the past 20 years as a university, student news has been documenting its history along the way. Check out these selected archived articles from years past to see a piece of student perspectives through milestones and challenges.

The CI View thanks the CI Library Archives and Evelyn Taylor for their help and access to these materials.

Satellite campus grows up: Campus moves toward becoming its own CSU (Link)

Originally published in “The Daily Sundial” on Sept. 9, 1999

By Jennifer Coman, Sundial Staff

Once a satellite campus to CSU Northridge, CSUN’s own student news publication “The Daily Sundial” covered early developments as CI became its own campus. This article outlines the first steps in becoming a separate CSU.

CSUCI admitted as 23rd member of CSU family (Link)

Originally published by “The Daily Sundial” on Aug. 26, 2002

By Kristin Crosley, Sundial Staff

CI officially opened as the 23rd CSU on Aug. 16, 2002. This article, released shortly after, describes the school’s opening to a class of about 1,320 transfer students, as well as some of the 30 years of planning that went into opening a CSU in Ventura County.

Campus Crisis (Link)

Originally published by The CI View in Oct. 2008

By Natasha Baker

Published more than a decade ago, this article echoes what feels like a timeless struggle on campus: finding parking. At a time when the campus experienced rapid growth, students voiced their grievances towards a worsening state of parking.

Say Goodbye to $31,000,000 (Link)

Originally published by The CI View in Dec. 2008

By Eva Klein

In 2008, CSU campuses faced large budget cuts due to changed in the state budget. Among changes made to navigate budget cuts were caps on enrollment for each CSU. This article shows early struggles CI faced in budget.

Let’s Review Furlough Days (Link)

Originally published by The CI View in Nov. 2009

By Ernest Medina, Video Game Correspondent

At the time of the publishing of this article, CI instituted furloughs to some faculty as a way to mitigate the effects of the recession and budget issues at the time. Students were understandably frustrated, and this article expounds one student’s displeasure of furloughs.

Together We Can (Link)

Originally published by The CI View in Nov. 2009

By Kaity Audick, Staff Writer

This article was published side by side with “Let’s Review Furlough Days” and recounted a town hall held by students, staff and faculty to discuss the challenges the school would face due to the CSU’s budget crisis.

Student Union Building Finally Opens! (Link)

Originally published by The CI View on April 1, 2010

By Shira Moskowitz, Ad Manager

Now a common place for students to hang out, the Student Union Building opened March 16, 2010. This article describes some of the features of the Student Union Building, a project that had started back in 2006.

CI’s New Cafeteria (Link)

Originally published by The CI View in Sept. 2010

By Luke Hoffman Cromwell, Staff Writer

CI’s cafeteria, another spot many would not think twice about, renovations to make the cafeteria what we know today were made in 2010.

Growing pains ahead at CI (Link)

Originally published The CI View in Sept. 2011

By Tasha Wisniewski

As CI continued to experience a growing student population, some grew concerned over the state of parking and classroom sizes. Just around 4,000 students at the time of its publication, this article expresses optimism at the growth of opportunities that would come with growing enrollment.

Sierra Hall Construction (Link)

Originally published by The CI View on Sept. 17, 2014

A frontpage image without an accompanying article, this edition showed the scale of one of CI’s newer buildings construction projects.

As you read these 12 selected articles, you may notice that some things are way different from how they once were, and others have stayed almost the same all these years later. We hope this reminds us how the campus connects us as faculty, staff, students and alumni, and as dolphins. The lessons of the past should steer us as we continue into the future and grow as a community.