An Article a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

An Article a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

By Aileen Lawrence and Ryanne Slagiel

With the return from spring break comes an influx of sniffles, coughs and sore throats. As someone who was just sick over the past week, here is our non-comprehensive guide to how to survive cold season. 

Utilize Good Hygiene Practices 

Wash your hands often and carry hand sanitizer with you. Hygiene is the single most important aspect of staying healthy. Also consider disinfecting high traffic areas, like desks and doorknobs. For extra caution, sanitize after contacting other people.  

Load up on Vitamins 

Vitamin C is a great way to boost your immune system! You can get vitamin C through citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits and lemons, or even through vegetables like broccoli and kale. Zinc is a great vitamin to help shorten the length of your cold, and vitamin D helps support your immune system. 

Drink Lots of Tea 

Certain teas boost your immune system, and the warmth of the drink can soothe a sore throat. On top of that, staying hydrated is incredibly important to keep your body healthy. Not only will liquids help prevent dehydration, but they also loosen congestion, and warm water can help relieve a scratchy throat.  

Grab Some Preemptive Cold Supplies 

 Having things like tissues, cough drops or syrup and a couple of electrolyte drinks can help minimize the amount of effort you have to take, should you get sick. Having over the counter nasal spray can also help relieve stuffiness and congestion.  

Get a LOT of Rest!  

Sleep is the number one thing your body needs to fight off infection. Not only does sleep help your body heal, but the less lucid you are, the quicker your cold goes by! 

Overall, make sure to take care of yourself and stay away from others who are sick. Grab some of the free masks around campus and keep yourself safe.