Branch out with CI Women in STEM club 

Branch out with CI Women in STEM club 

CI Women in STEM officers
Left to right: Emily Chang, second-year biology major; Esha Anand, third-year biology major; Isabelle Oroc, second-year health science major; Deanna Romero, fourth-year health science major

By Isabelle Oroc

Do you want to support and empower your peers at CI? Learn more about how you can uplift your community of CI women who have aspirations in the fields of STEM, or science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

CI Women in STEM is a new club on campus this semester that has a mission to provide a safe space for all to share, support and network. The club hopes to serve as a platform to discuss equal and diverse opportunities accompanied by enrichment activities in the form of information, service, social events and more. All are welcome to join regardless of gender or major.

Third year biology major and chemistry minor, Esha Anand, is the club’s president. She founded the club to “provide a supportive space to keep inspiring everyone on their journeys,” Anand told The CI View. “Some of my aspirations for the club is for members to really connect with various guest speakers and pursue some of the volunteer opportunities offered.”

The club plans to have one meeting per month alongside online outreach through social media. They hope to garner groups of people to connect and build support during and outside of club events. Club service opportunities will relate to STEM fields and empowerment.

Anand believes that the talents, experience and shared connection between members can help each other in life and their prospective career fields. She explained, “We all have opportunities and skills under our belt that make us all unique and give us qualities that can help us further in our fields.”

The first club meeting will be held on Zoom on Feb. 24 at 6 p.m. The club will host an introductory section of the club mission, information and events. There will be two guest speakers from Saving Lives Camarillo and the Alzheimer’s Association to speak about their organization, service opportunities and partnership with CI Women in STEM. The meeting will conclude with an online game social for members to have fun, network and share experiences with one another.

Their first volunteer opportunity will be at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Buenaventura STEM event for middle-school girls. Volunteers will be working with others to host workshops for chemistry, programming and more. It will take place at Isbell Middle School on March 4 from approximately 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The club looks forward to how the community they build will help foster growth. Anand said, “By creating a community for all of us to share experiences, this can help our members to keep persevering on their journey and live up their fullest potential.”

To officially join the club, register with CI Women in STEM on CI Sync, the University’s platform to discover and involve yourself with campus events and organizations. For more information, you can follow the club on Instagram and join their Discord for more information and interaction with members.

The club is open to all for their experiences, advice and opportunities. If you would like to find an accepting community, CI Women in STEM will help cultivate that foundation for you. For information on the upcoming volunteer opportunity or to sign up, contact by Feb. 28. For more information or questions about the CI Women in STEM club, reach out on any of the club’s social media platforms or email