CI View executive team seniors say goodbye

CI View executive team seniors say goodbye

Dear CI Community,

Thank you for the opportunity to have an amazing college experience. While I attended CI, I tried to take advantage of the many opportunities this school had to offer. I tried out the famous egg chair, walked up to the well and went to a bunch of different club meetings, if only to say I tried them.

I went to the well again at sunset with a flashlight and a friend, got out to the boating center since I already paid into it(!) and went sunset kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and took sailing classes with friends.

In addition, I lived with a variety of people and had to compromise or have tough conversations because before college I had only ever experienced a bedroom to myself. Explored the field behind University Glen and laid out on the grass in Central Mall at night to admire the stars.

Broke down some of the stigma of our mental hospital history and went to Counseling and Psychological Services for crisis, individual, couples and group therapy, if only to say I tried it all. Broke down some of the stigma of food insecurity by taking food and donating food to the Dolphin Food Pantry.

I voted in the Student Government elections, attended block parties just for the hell of it, pet some adorable dogs during finals week and ate free food at events whenever they interested me.

Complained about how the bookstore is always overpriced and how the Islands Cafe doesn’t post their ingredients which could be allergens to students, and how there should be a class offered exclusively teaching men not to rape if there is a class offered exclusively teaching women how to avoid being raped by men.

Worked a job or multiple jobs because higher education is a worthy investment but we’re not called broke college students for nothing!

Visited Santa Rosa Island and then told all those annoying people I do, in fact, attend college on an island. Went on that Instructionally Related trip because I already paid into it(!) and college is a chance to be flexible with my schedule.

I double-triple-quadruple checked I was going to graduate with the Academic Advising Center. I checked out the Career Counseling Center, Veterans Resources Center, Multicultural Dream Center and Educational Opportunity Program Center, if only to print for free, but really because I got to learn things and meet cool people there.

Went to the Writing Multiliteracy Center when I needed help with my papers/presentations and to the Graduate Studies Center when I needed help deciding that grad school was not the right choice for me.

I found a topic I think is fascinating enough to study all semester for my capstone project and then researched it enough that I needed to learn what an Interlibrary Loan is and then borrowed books from other colleges just so I could nerd out about my favorite topic.

Visited professors during their office hours, made friends with some administrators who have my back and got to know the people who work at one of the food places on campus because people work at CI to support this community.

Even though I was only here for two years, I learned about so much more than just what’s going on in classes.

I cannot thank everyone at CI enough for the chance to grow in a safe environment where we strive for deeper communication, inclusivity and empathy.


Julia Cheng

To the CI Community,

It has been an honor to be a member of the wonderful CI community over the four years I have attended the University. California State University Channel Islands has provided a plethora of opportunities for myself and so many others. Being able to give back and be part of such an accepting community will be something that I never forget.

Leaving CSU Channel Islands is a bittersweet moment. Coming to campus every morning never knowing what to expect, or who I would meet, is an amazing feeling. I have come to love the people that I work with, the organizations that I am a part of and the friends that I have made.

Yet like every great journey, it must come to an end. It is time to continue my life path beyond the University. I will never forget the great memories that have been forged at CI. I will always be grateful for the resources the University gave me to succeed, as well as providing me a place to enhance my capabilities so I can take advantage of future opportunities.

I have been fortunate enough to meet professors that have positively impacted my self-growth. I have had several professors that have put up with my constant questions, along with my dropping in for office hours. Sometimes the office hours would be about class, other times it would be me seeking life advice from the professor.

Not to name drop, but some of my most influential professors have been Dr. Andrzejewski, Dr. Paiva, Dr. Lu, Dr. Scholl and Dr. Stone. These professors have all helped in my development as a student and more importantly as a person.

A special thanks to some of the organizations I have been a part of are Associated Students Incorporated (ASI), Student Government, The CI View and Gamma Beta Phi honor society. All the organizations have made an impact on my life, and I am forever grateful. Everything from being a Senator in Student Government, being the ASI Publications Business and Marketing Manager, to having the honor of being named executive of the year in Gamma Beta Phi. These are just some of the highlights from an astonishing university experience.

To CI, thank you for all that you have done, it has been an unforgettable excursion and one that I will always cherish!


Travis Hunt

Hello everyone!

Well, this is it. For some, it’s the end of the school year and time for summer, while for others it’s the end of higher education. And even for others, like myself, it’s the end of one chapter and now the beginning of the next — that is, going off to graduate school.

My time with The CI View newspaper has been an experience I’ll never forget. From when I was a junior as a staff writer and editorial assistant, to now my senior year as the Managing Editor, I’ve learned a lot about myself, as well writing, editing, being a student leader and so much more.

My two years of being at CI have been amazing; I’ve made so many incredible friends, met amazing professors and learned a lot about my major, which in turn made me realize how much I love what I do and reaffirmed what career path I want to take.

My only regret is not having spent more time here in the CI community. As a transfer student, I had already established my first two years of higher education at a junior college and graduated from there, and spent my last two years here. And while they’ve been a wonderful two years, I just wish I could stay longer.

But alas, the commencement stage is calling my name and so is the big, scary world of adulthood. To all of my fellow graduating seniors, good luck out there. And to those of you who are coming back to CI next year, or just coming in from another college — be sure to enjoy every moment, because it goes by fast.

I know that I’m leaving The CI View with a great team who will continue what we have started here, just as this year’s team continued what the last team started. The newspaper will grow and flourish, and I couldn’t be prouder of the work we’ve done this year and excited to see what they do in the coming years. I know it will be great things.

With that said, I want to say one last farewell to everyone at CI, new and old, graduating and continuing, professor and staff and student alike. To the prostaff and student assistants in Associated Students Incorporated, thank you for your friendship, mentorship and guidance.

And lastly, to the members of The CI View, thank you for being an amazing team and for all of the great the memories. We rocked it this year! I hope you all learned as much as I did and had fun.

Thank you all and farewell,

Ivey Mellem

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