Five no-cost study and organization apps to help you stay on track this semester

Five no-cost study and organization apps to help you stay on track this semester

By Ariel Butler

The transition back to campus this semester has been challenging for everyone. The academic challenges students have faced and continue to face because of the pandemic are profound: the divide between remote and in-person learning, coming back to campus and the uncertainty caused by the pandemic. As we head into the sixth week of the semester, take some time to explore the resources available to help you succeed this school year! The apps on this list are all available at no cost to you and can help you keep track of your class and study schedules, as well as help you prepare for exams and other projects.

My Study Life

My Study Life is available to download on iOS, Android, Windows and Chrome devices. It acts as a virtual planner, allowing you to stay organized when you are figuring out your schedule and classes, as well as staying on track throughout the semester! This app-based calendar offers flexibility that paper planners lack. The pages of the My Study Life planner are completely customizable and you can tailor them to fit your hourly and daily schedule perfectly. This organization app also allows you to input rotating schedules. For instance, if you have a class on Mondays and Wednesdays, My Study Life will input the class on those days of the week on a rotating schedule. Additionally, you can set reminders for upcoming assignments, tests and classes through the app.

Notes App

This app, recommended to us by a student on Instagram, is available on iOS and Android devices. It allows for comprehensive note taking as an option for those who prefer to take notes on their device rather than on paper. Notes App not only allows you to take notes, but you can also create bullet-pointed lists, insert images and scanned documents and even sketch. Additionally, Notes App syncs with all of your devices, so you always have access.


StudyBreak is available to download on Mac, Windows and iOS. It is perfect for students who get distracted easily while studying and for students who study too long without taking breaks! This app allows you to set alerts for when it is time to take a break from studying, and if you pick up your phone during the allotted study time, the app will tell you to get back to work.


Evernote is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. It acts as a virtual folder where you can store research, notes, data and more! This program syncs between your phone and computer or laptop, allowing you to store research or information for assignments in one place. Using Evernote, you can ‘clip’ websites, articles, data and research onto one page, allowing you to stay organized while working on a research paper or other assignments. Additionally, you can share your pages with others and also chat with them directly on the app.


Quizlet is available to download as an app on Android, iOS or on the web. It allows you to create your own study question sets in the form of flashcards, quizzes and other study games. If you often use paper flashcards to study, using Quizlet’s virtual flashcards could be a time saver and give you one less thing to carry around!

These five student-oriented apps are all available cost-free to you, whether you need assistance with notetaking, planning your schedule, creating flashcards for studying or carving out study time in your busy schedule!

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