Jumpstart your career

Jumpstart your career
by Naomi Santana

Do you want to jumpstart your career, but don’t know where to begin? Jumpstarting your career can be easier than you think, if you have the correct tools and the correct advice to guide you through the process.

There are many resources available to students on campus that can help you create a path towards your career goal, such as the Career and Leadership Development center. The CI View had the opportunity to interview Jessica Muth, Senior Career Counselor with Career and Leadership Development services.

… it is better to figure out the path you want to take sooner rather than later.

Muth explained that there are many resources that graduating seniors can take advantage of if they want to jumpstart their career. One such resource is the Career and Internship fair that is held every semester, where students have the opportunity to network with local employers.

She stated that graduating seniors can “apply for jobs or internships through Dolphin CareerLink via your myCI portal, in which over 2,700 jobs are posted.” Students can also set up mock interviews and informational interviews with Career and Leadership Development services both in person and online.

Students can also receive advice on how to dress for an interview. “Ekho’s Career Closet accepts clothing donations and can set up appointments for students to try on professional clothing,” Muth explained.

Career and Leadership Development also offers workshops such as how to create and edit a LinkedIn profile, on-campus employment and how to apply, and student leadership workshops. Muth said that graduating seniors are highly encouraged to attend these workshops, along with other workshops and events. She also mentioned that alumni services allows “students to get help with jobs and can get one-on-one counseling.”

Another resource that can help graduating seniors jumpstart their career is the Graduate Studies Center (GSC), located in El Dorado Hall. The CI View also had the opportunity to interview Sara Alcala, Activity Director of the GSC.

Alcala said that the GSC has many resources available for helping students explore different careers and paths to take after graduation. “Many students these days are opting to go right from their undergraduate schooling into a graduate or professional program of some sort,” Alcala stated.

She continued by explaining that it is better to figure out the path you want to take sooner rather than later. If you want to head to graduate school, you need to focus on finding the right program for you. Alcala recommends that seniors should follow these steps as soon as possible:


This is required for applying for jobs and is a requirement for many graduate and professional programs.


The career center is your hub for information on careers, help with your resume and even advice on what career path might be best for you, if you are unsure.


The GSC is your one-stop resource center for all your postbac needs, whether it’s exploring programs, assistance with the graduate application, or assistance with your personal statement/writing sample.


It is often the first opportunity for a senior to start developing a relationship with a potential employer or having a point of contact for their graduate school application.


Professors have large networks of colleagues and professionals in many industries and may be able to assist you in making a connection either to land an internship for a career or to help you gain experience for your graduate school application.

The GSC provides students with one-on-one appointments with a counselor, individualized support with applying to graduate programs, graduate support for post-baccalaureate students, access to computer stations with free printing and graduate and credential test preparation books.

They also offer workshops and programs designed to assist with professional development, writing, communication, preparation of grant and fellowship funding applications, wellness and work-life balance, mentoring and much more.

“We are here to help each student in the exploration of life after college,” Alcala stated. “Whether that is by exploring their strengths, interests and experience or by assisting students with finding the best path for them given their current situation and examining the best plan of action.”

Graduating seniors are encouraged to take advantage of the resources available to them on campus and are also encouraged to attend the workshops that both Career and Leadership Development and the GSC offers, in order to get more information and assistance in their plans after graduation.

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