Make friends on and off campus

Make friends on and off campus
by Kayla Munoz

As many know, making friends can sometimes be hard but in the end, it can be worth it. Remember, you can always be yourself as you should never be afraid of what other people think.

Friends can be everywhere and anywhere but be careful who you encounter out there. Luckily enough, either out there in the world or here at Channel Islands, there are plenty of chances to find friends!

Don’t try so hard to hold onto the people who don’t care about you, and just be your wonderful self.

As students, there’s a way to use the time with your classmates to make new friends. Some find it hard to talk to others because they have anxiety or they are simply shy. Create small goals when encountering other people by saying hi or asking to borrow things, which can help you be less afraid to bring up a conversation, and there are more ways, especially when it comes to group discussions or projects.

Group projects can provide you some time to get to know some of your classmates, and group discussions can help to break down the fear of talking out loud. Try asking some of your classmates if they want to get something to eat or if they are getting something later.

Although not everyone dorms on campus, many live in apartments around campus, so another way to make friends is to talk to the people around you. Sometimes simple questions can give you the opportunity to see what you have in common.

Small talk can develop into friendship if you make an effort; this can occur anywhere, ranging from the store to waiting in the elevator to many other situations. This is also where you could start a more meaningful bond with the people around you. Remember that sometimes these things take time and that it’s okay if it takes a few tries, so just do what works for you.

Students also tend to get jobs, especially since tuition can be so expensive, so making friends can be done at the workplace. At work, you’ll encounter many of the same people on a consistent basis so utilize this chance to start a conversation.

Some ways to start the conversation is to mention how they like the job or if they need help, or even asking if they want to get something to eat. It’s good to introduce yourself, as it helps establish that you intend on talking to them more.

Keeping track of someone’s name is also a good way to show that they are important to you and that they matter. If you have trouble remembering names like me, try associating things with them like what they look like or who they remind you of.

Friends can be a tricky thing sometimes, but know that you are amazing and if anyone says any different than they aren’t worth your friendship. Don’t try so hard to hold onto the people who don’t care about you, and just be your wonderful self.

Make small adjustments to your conversations if you need to, but go at the pace that suits you. There are plenty of fish in the sea, and millions of possibilities waiting to be explored. Don’t worry if you have to let a few go, because there are plenty more out there!

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