New CI students happy to be here

New CI students happy to be here


If you are wondering if you chose the right school when you decided to attend CI, then your question has been answered in your favor! Our quaint University has recently received many  compliments from its newest students. The freshmen and junior transfers seem to feel at home on this campus and have not faced many issues.

It is apparent that one of CI’s most compelling qualities is its convenient location. The short twenty-minute drive to the coast is a much-appreciated pro, making ocean-based sports such as surfing and sailing possible.

“What enticed me about CI was that there are no sports,” said Maxamillion Castro, a third year English major. “I don’t really like sports and that kind of culture, but it’s cool that we have surfing and Outdoor Adventures.”

The lack of sports at CI certainly sets our campus apart from other universities. Many students also appreciayte the small class sizes and the close connections with faculty they afford.

“I’m not just one of the many,” said Petre Motiu, a transfer student and English major.

Likewise, freshmen are feeling embraced by the community on-campus.

“The professors and students are friendly,” said Juliette Perez, a first year pre-nursing major. “The professors really care and the students are very welcoming.”

As with anything though, all things aren’t perfect. Some students had complaints regarding pre-transfer counselling. During the transfer process, prospective students struggled with understanding their coursework for their last two to three years. Some students felt that more counsoling should have been available during such an overwhelming time.

“During orientation, counsellors did not exactly help me sign up for my classes,” said Castro. “But other than that, I am wowed by this school.”

Not all college students seek out schools buzzing with life, which is evident in the opinions of the students.

“Here it’s a little more quiet, and the classrooms are smaller,” said Juan Perez, a first year pre-nursing student. Prerez chose to attend CI instead of CSULA for that reason.

Generally, the sizes of the classrooms have been appreciated, especially by those transitioning from high schools or smaller community colleges.

“I love all my classes,” said Christina, a junior transfer and English major. “It feels the same as Ventura College. It’s not as formal as I thought it would be, and I like that. It’s cool and laid-back.”

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