Restaurant review: Q Dumpling

Restaurant review: Q Dumpling
by Luz Moncada

“I’m so happy we can get boba teas and dumplings to go now!” Was the first thing I heard as I walked into Q Dumpling, the newest addition to our Town Center. Located next to the Tortillas Grill, you can’t miss the restaurant’s chalkboard sign that invites you in and displays the variety of teas they have for you to choose from. With food made to order, they use fresh ingredients and provide delicious boba teas.

Q Dumpling is a great addition to our Town Center and gives students quick, tasty options.

I walked up to the counter and was greeted with a big smile from Jazmine Cezar, a fellow student. “I was attracted to Q Dumpling because of its unique approach to Chinese cuisine,” she told me. “Being Filipino American, I appreciate having this food as an option on campus.”

Q Dumpling follows traditional Chinese recipes that date back as far as the Han dynasty. They offer combinations that include noodle soup bowls, popcorn chicken, smiling burgers, steamed buns, pot stickers and dumplings with a variety of fillings. They also have vegetarian-friendly meals like veggie noodle bowls and veggie smiling burgers.

After Jazmine described these delicious combinations, I had to taste it for myself. “I recommend you take one of our smiling burgers and your choice of tea to go,” she told me. A smiling burger is a steamed bun cut in half with shredded pork filling. I’d never seen anything like it—the bun was so soft and spongy and the pork filling had the right balance of sweet to compliment the savory meat. My only regret was not getting more than one. I enjoyed my smiling burger and Thai tea with boba on my way to class.

Q Dumpling is a great addition to our Town Center and gives students quick, tasty options. The best part is that it is open every day and they will take call-in orders. Their made-to-order food and freshly brewed teas will definitely have me coming back for more.

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