Stop talking and dance

By Kayla Munoz

There are many ways to get active on campus, however there’s more than just using the treadmill. Here at CI, events held by the Student Union can be found all around campus. From games to parties, there’s something that could appeal to all students.

Many think of games as childish, but it couldn’t hurt to try them out. On campus there are events that are held by the Student Union that cater to the types of games that you miss from your childhood.

On Mar. 6, from 6 – 8 p.m. there was a Silent Dance Party. It was held in the Student Union Courtyard and came with free fun and snacks. If you could not make it to the last one, keep an eye out for news of another of these popular events. Just bring your student ID card in order to check in! You are able to listen to three different stations which typically include hits by the big-name DJs, Latin music, rap and more. Don’t worry, the headphones are provided for you.

Many events, including the Silent Dance Party, offer the Student Union Perks Program. With this program you’re able to earn points for CI gear as prizes. By signing up at the Student Union Information Desk you can start earning points. Points can be earned by attending student events, playing in the game room, taking surveys, participating in focus groups and more. If you would like to know more about where you can earn points or which events are available, the Student Union Information Desk is open every day of the week. By going to the ASI website or CISync you can learn about the many events in store for you. Want to suggest your own? The Information Desk is the place to go!

There are plenty of events that are held on campus that can appeal to you. The Student Union can provide many opportunities to get out there and have fun. Free entrance, food and prizes? Don’t miss out!

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