Students reflect on their best memories

Students reflect on their best memories
by Catherine Ninteman

Melanie M. Koulouris once said, “Life is a beautiful collage of priceless moments and memories, which when pieced all together create a unique treasured masterpiece.” For the seniors graduating at CI, many of them have those collages being pieced together and will look back at the good times they’ve spent here while they are preparing for graduation.

Kaitlin Miller, a liberal studies major, said her best memory of CI has definitely been “the camaraderie I experienced in my Historian’s Craft class. We lived out the French Revolution and though it was awkward at first, we all ended up really passionate about it and we made some lasting friendships through that class. It was so much fun.”

“My best memories are of being an RA for the Transfer Student Themed Community,” said Nitzan Navick, a psychology major. “I have made so many friends and have bonded with so many residents and it has truly been one of the most rewarding jobs I think I’ll ever have.”

Another student, Briana Syvertson, a liberal studies major, says her favorite memory of CI “was the first time I walked onto campus and was in total awe of how beautiful it was.”

Vanessa Padilla and Kari Burrill, both liberal studies majors, expressed their joy as students of CI and reminisced on their now treasured memories. “My favorite memory here at CI was moving in and meeting my amazing roommates,” Padilla stated.

“My favorite memory at CI is when I went to the Back to School Luau with my new roommates,” Burrill said. “It was a blast!”

While time goes by and the idea of our school years turn into memories, we are given the opportunity to look back and smile at the friends we made, the beauty of our school and the new experiences that will travel with us far into the future.

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