Students talk about their favorite classes

Students talk about their favorite classes
by Catherine Ninteman

In every stage of our lives, we have our favorites. We have a favorite ice cream, favorite music and our favorite group of friends. It’s our favorite classes and teachers who inspire us, though, that remain in our hearts and minds long after we leave the classroom. For many of our graduating seniors that’s something that teaches more than how to write a research paper.

“My favorite classes have been my research and statistics classes because I feel I had very patient and insanely intelligent professors,” said psychology major Nitzan Navick.

“My favorite class this school year so far is Ichthyology with Dr. Steven Norris,” said Kristianne Guevara, a biology major. “It’s just a very interesting class where you learn how fish work. I like how fish are, and it’s amazing.”

This is an example of how amazing professors might spark interest in their students and possibly bring interest into different career paths that are within the student’s major of study.

“It was such a joy to go to class and not have any homework,” said liberal studies major Mackenzie Beaty of her pottery class. “You did your work in the classroom and once it was over you left the clay at the door. It was such a great opportunity to expand my creativity since not many people are able to have access to a kiln unless they take the course. I absolutely loved it.”

Many students taking classes at CI will have different experiences, but it is plain to see that most appreciate the University and all it provides for its students. Just as Robin Williams once said: “Some are born great. Some achieve greatness. Some get it as a graduation gift.”

It’s a simple fact that Channel Islands has produced greatness within its halls and that greatness is being shared with the rest of the world.

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