The Perks of Working at The CI View

The Perks of Working at The CI View

By Miriam Packard

ASI is hiring, and under the umbrella of ASI lies our organization: The CI View. As someone who has worked at The CI View for several months, I’ve compiled a list of perks of working at The CI View. 

Working at The CI View gives you transferable, real-world skills. If your passion is video production, editing/writing, graphic design or business management, this could be the foundation for skills that land you future jobs. What we do here can boost already existing skills, and get you used to tighter deadlines and working in groups. You also get your work published; a great thing to add to a portfolio. The deadlines give a guide for working in a “timely” manner, and build quick problem-solving skills, as well as effective time-management skills.  

One possibly lesser-known perk of working at The CI View is the flexibility. Aside from the mandatory work hours on Fridays, the rest of your schedule is entirely up to you. You can work longer, less frequent shifts, more frequent shifts that are shorter, or some combination of the two. It works totally with your schedule during the week. This is especially helpful if you are taking in-person classes, have another job, or any other commitments.  

The community here is widely agreed upon to be the best part of working at The CI View. The CI View gives you opportunities to work with other disciplines, other departments of ASI and form close relationships with your peers and colleagues. Before The CI View, I struggled with making friends outside of my major; I am a transfer student, and my classes are almost all upper-division and major specific. Through working at The CI View, I have been able to make long-lasting friendships with people in majors that I never would have otherwise interacted with.  

The current staff for The CI View. From left to right: Kurt Richards, 3rd year business management, Miriam Packard, 4th year health science, Allen Monge, 2nd year business management, Aileen Lawrence, 3rd year theater studies, Ashley Tolteca, 2nd year, psychology major, Ella Torres, 2nd year, multimedia and Ryanne Slagiel, 3rd year english major

One of the most compelling upsides to working at The CI View is the ability to focus at least some of the news on things that you actually care about. Whether your medium is video, social media or traditional articles, there is a place for you to share things you care about. Personally, I wrote a lot of strike pieces during my time at The CI View. Though it can be argued that I wrote these out of necessity and proximity, I wrote these pieces with such care because they are issues that are important to me. By taking an objective stance and writing about these things factually and without bias, I was able to bring support and education about these topics. 

Lastly, you can make the Student News things that students care about. Who better to decide what students care about than you: a student? If you produce content you actually care about, others are bound to care about it as well.