Top five types of accounts you should be following on Instagram

Top five types of accounts you should be following on Instagram

By Jazzminn Morecraft 

It comes as no surprise that we live in the age of social media. All information on topics and individuals alike can be found with a few well-chosen search words and a couple of clicks. Therefore, it makes sense for people to adapt and use social media to reach as many individuals as possible. 

So, whether you are starting your college journey or continuing it, it is important that you are set up to know all the information that is being shared around you. Being in the know will allow you to see which clubs and organizations you want to join, the campus announcements you will not want to miss and so much more. To do this, it would be in the best interest of all students to follow accounts in these five categories: 

  1. The University 

The University’s Instagram is great to follow as it is a cache of all CI information. They share when an important message was emailed to students, operational hour updates, student stories and so much more. Their handle is @csuci. 

Additionally, if you are transferring or going to another university after you finish at CI, it is a great idea to follow whatever that next school may be. This way, you are able to see what is happening there before you even go. 

  1. Associated Students Inc. (ASI) 

As The CI View is part of ASI, I would be remiss if I did not mention the ASI accounts. ASI is a great way to be involved and there is something for everyone’s interest. There is a total of five accounts that you can follow that all go with ASI. 

First, @theciview. We are the student news organization on campus and we post a variety of topics that all aim to keep students informed. This can be from notifying students of information they need to be aware of to showing new content that we produce.  

If you are excited for events on campus, you should definitely follow @ci_spb. The Student Programming Board shares all their events, letting students know what, when and where the event is. 

The Student Government Instagram account, @ci_studentgovt, is great for those who like to advocate for themselves as well as others. This Instagram shares different types of resolutions that have been passed, events about varying topics of awareness and opportunities for students to take advantage of. 

Additionally, students should follow @ci_studentunion. They provide fun events for students to unwind, opportunities, whether for mental health breaks or professional development and updates about the Student Union Building.  

Lastly, but certainly not least, students should check out @ci_asi. This is the overarching account of ASI. Not only do they share information that the other four accounts do, but they also share election results each year and deadline information for a variety of topics.  

  1. Resources 

There is a plethora of resources at CI, and almost all of them can be utilized whether you are in person or virtual. In addition, these resources have Instagram accounts as a way to reach students and inform them of events they might be hosting, changes in operating hours or even just to encourage all Dolphins throughout the semester.  

I encourage you to follow the accounts of the resources you use. Some might include @ci_housing (if you live or work in housing, this one is great), @ci_tutoring (Learning Resource Center and STEM tutoring), @csuci_wmc (Writing and Multiliteracy Center), @cscui_mdc (Multicultural Dream Center), @csucicaps (Counseling and Psychological Services) and @ci_studyabroad. Again, these are only a very few number of resources you can follow and I encourage you to seek out other CI accounts. 

  1. Clubs and Organizations 

A big part of the college journey is finding a community that works for you. Here at CI, there is a plethora of clubs and organizations for everyone to join. Most organizations also have accounts to connect with students and whether you are interested in joining the club, in the club, or just want to know what is happening on campus, I encourage you to follow many of them. Some options include @csucibsu (Black Student Union), @tmi_csuci (Transfers Making an Impact) and @ci_gamesclub (Tabletop Game Club). Again, these are only three of the clubs and organizations at CI and I encourage students to seek out the ones that interest you.  

Additionally, a great way to find more clubs and organizations is to follow the overarching account of CI Student Organizations and Involvement, @ci_studentorgs. They post about all clubs and inform students about events or organizations that they might not otherwise known about.

  1. Academic 

Lastly, while not all programs at CI have Instagram accounts, there are a handful that do. @csuciartdepartment and @ci_comm_program are just two examples. These accounts try to reach students sooner regarding events the program is hosting, students work that they would like shared and even program updates. Following your program is a great way to stay connected! 

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