Discovering CI

Discovering CI
by Caroline Lee

CI has created an easier way for students to find their way around campus. Being able to find your way is extremely important to all students, new employees and visitors to CI. The new map is shown in full color and 3D to show off every aspect of CI’s campus. This map feature can be used from the goCI app. With this you can find items such as fountains, water fillers and outdoor courtyard seating. The map is easy to work, with its search bar for looking up specific buildings and interactive concept.

This change was brought on by the fact that the old Google map did not present the campus in its best state. This fact could no longer stand considering the “Maps” page is one of the top 20 most visited pages on the university website and has about 23,000 views a day.

With the release of the map on the 23rd of August, lots of positive feedback has been given out. There have also been many suggestions for future updates on this map. One request that’s already been evaluated is an interior building map for the Bell Tower. The good news is that the new platform that the map is under does support this and it’s been evaluated along with the cost of the incorporation of this important feature. Perhaps in the future CI will get an interior building map for all of the buildings on campus.

Any suggestions are welcomed for future updates to the map that would be useful to students. You can submit them to Peter Mosinskis at or call his office at (805) 437-8587.

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