Taking care of you with finals approaching

Taking care of you with finals approaching

by Elise Bechtel

With finals coming up fast, many students begin to feel pressure to get high scores, which in turn causes stress. Dr. Colleen Nevins, a nursing professor, and Dr. Jacqueline Sherman, a psychology professor, agreed that students are facing many internal and external stressors. With so much at stake, it is important to remain healthy both mentally and physically. Nevins and Sherman explained that internal planning and using pleasurable activities as a tool can help people control their stress and enjoy life.

The CI View also had the opportunity to interview Professor Elizabeth Lavin-Hughes of the Liberal Studies program about how we can best take care of our wellbeing as students. “Most of my students found breath practice to be extremely useful in everyday life, especially when going into an exam,” said Lavin-Hughes. Doing this kind of exercise, even for a few minutes each day, can improve your mood and thus improve your day. While this may work for most people, Lavin-Hughes explained that everyone is different.

Starting your day positively can be a game-changer when it comes to managing stress. Also, consider using a reward system when working so hard to meet those deadlines. Nevins and Sherman believe that rewarding yourself gives you something to look forward to and can be used as an incentive to get work done.

Planning ahead and practicing solid time management can also be beneficial for students in terms of preventing stress. Lavin-Hughes, Nevins and Sherman agree that the best way to not become overwhelmed is to stay organized and know your limits.    

Another way to relieve stress is by exercising. Both Lavin-Hughes and Nevins find yoga and meditation to be very relaxing. Exercise is important because it releases endorphins which allows you to have a more positive mindset.

Campus staff provide a multitude of services to help students daily, especially when preparing for finals. If you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed you can visit the Learning Resource Center which is located on the second floor of the John Spoor Broome Library or visit the STEM Center which is in El Dorado Hall, Room 120 for help with math and science courses.

Remember that while it is important to stay on top of your schoolwork it is also vital to keep healthy habits. Make sure to take some time for yourself and relax.

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