Student Spotlight: Clubs & Orgs

Student Spotlight: Clubs & Orgs

Compiled by Aileen Lawrence

We reached out to the clubs & orgs on campus, and this is what they had to say. Thanks to all to the student leaders who took a break from studying to tell us about their club or organization!


KakePops is dedicated to engaging with students in the world of Korean pop music and culture. It is a place where members actively engage through dance, trivia, and lessons. KakePops isn’t just a place to sit around and listen to music. We are a community where students can bond and form connections with their love for K-Pop. KakePops has made its presence known through hosting and participating in CI’s events. Last year, in the Spring of 2023, we showcased an outstanding dance performance in CI’s Arts Under the Stars and hosted our first annual cup sleeve fundraiser. KakePops continues to elevate awareness of Korean culture and music. 

Arts Under The Stars ’23 (Students from KakePops and CI Dance Studies)
1st Annual Cupsleeve Event Spring 2023 Left to Right: Opal (transfer to CSUF, Avelina (Senior/Business major), Ekho, Mar (3rd year/Psychology and Spanish Major), Arabela (Graduated in Spring ’23), Lilian (Senior/ESRM major)

CSUCI Sailing Club

Hi Everyone!  Join the CSUCI Sailing Club for exciting practices at the Channel Islands Boating Center on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays! Sail with us from 2pm-5pm on weekdays and 12pm-4pm on Sundays. With this, experience the thrill of competing against other universities across the state at no travel expense. Don’t miss our Sailing info nights on campus from 6:30pm-8pm at the student union building. Connect with us on GroupMe or follow @CI_Sailing on instagram for updates. Set Sail for fun and camaraderie – see you on the water!  


Seraphee de Labaca & Adalia Jimenez
Kurt Richards & Miles O’Brien

English Club

The English club offers a space for both English Majors and Non English Majors to get together to support each other on their writing and discuss topics surrounding books and reading! We hold many writing workshops where club members can present any type of writing they are currently working on (whether that be for class or personal), and get feedback on it. We also do fun activities such as creating personalized bookmarks, short story challenges and occasional outings to places like Zander’s GameHouse in Old Town Camarillo! We are also doing a BookClub this semester where we are reading Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. Our club meets once a week on Wednesdays at 7:30 and if you would like to know more information please join the Discord server which is linked on our CI Sync page!

Ballet Club

Ballet Club is a new club on campus created to inspire new and old dancers to revive their love for ballet. The ballet club has created a fun and inclusive space and is working to change the intimidating feeling that ballet can sometimes put off. Join the club Wed. 2-3 in Malibu hall 120 for all level ballet classes. Feel free to come in your own ballet shoes or socks though ballet shoes are included through the school but are offered first come first serve. On top of classes, ballet club is working on brining in guests speakers and teachers from the area and take club members to go see shows.  

Channel Islands Atheists

Andrew Fox founded and currently serve as President of Channel Islands Atheists, the only campus-recognized organization for atheists, non-believers, and agnostics at Channel Islands. I believe representation is vital, and when I first got to campus in the Fall of 2023 I saw that there were all sorts of clubs and organizations for people who identify as Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and all other sorts of specialized interest groups, but no such club for those not convinced by various theistic claims. Thus, Channel Islands Atheists was born. At Channel Islands Atheists, the glue that holds our club together is rooted in community service. Every month or so, we host a community service event of some kind, either a beach clean up, clothing or food drive, or other acts of service to the community. We currently have a Beach Clean Up Event for sometime in March, final details to come shortly. We hope that everyone reading this will consider joining us for an act of service to the community. All people are welcome! Non-belief not required! You can contact them at

Felipe Lara on the left, Political Science major, Andrew Fox on right, Political Science & History double major, seen with >25 pounds of trash picked up from Pt Mugu beach in Ventura County.

Sigma Omega Nu Latina

Welcome to Sigma Omega Nu Latina Sorority Interest! It’s noteworthy that anyone, regardless of ethnicity, is welcome to join SON. Founded on November 6, 1996, Sigma Omega Nu holds the distinction of being the first Latina interest sorority at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. Originally established to address the lack of dedicated groups for Latina women in pursuit of higher education, we’ve since expanded to become a national sorority, with chapters spanning from Sacramento to Southern California, including Nevada, Las Vegas. 

As the 16th chapter out of 17, known as Pi Chapter, we are committed to our core objectives: Academics, Cultura, and Sisterhood. Our members are devoted to providing moral, academic, and family support, meeting weekly for Chapter Meetings on campus. Beyond that, you can find us engaged in socials, table events, community service, and study hours. 

For more information, feel free to reach out to our President, Jessica Padilla, at Join us in promoting a community of empowerment and growth! 

From left to right: Anysia Hantgin (Health Science), Belem Navarro (Psychology), Evelyn Avalos-Domiguez (Psychology), Brianna Morfin (Psychology), Verenice Olaves (Early Childhood Studies), Tabitha Bunch-Arias (Psychology), Jessica Padilla (Health Science), and Naomi Flores (Pre-Nursing)

The Queer Student Alliance “QSA”

The Queer Student Alliance (“QSA”) is a club where we celebrate each other’s unique triumphs and challenges, keep an open mind, and connect through shared experiences. That can sound overwhelming but the energy of our meetings is comparatively more relaxed. We officially meet once a week to chat, play games, and grab a bite to eat together afterwards. We casually talk about classes, family life, our interests, current events, and much more. You don’t have to be queer to join; the only requirement is to have a willingness to hear others’ stories, and then it’s a great place to make friends! Our Discord server (linked on our CI Sync page and Instagram) is the best way to stay in touch with everyone, and you can always email for more information. 

Queer Student Alliance at Pridefest 2023 
Queer Student Alliance at Pridefest 2022  

The Acting & Writing Workshop Club “AWWC”

The Acting & Writing Workshop Club (AWWC) is a student-led organization designed to provide a creative space for aspiring writers, actors, stage managers, crew and other members to explore and expand their artistic talents beyond the confines of a classroom setting. The primary purpose of AWWC is to foster a vibrant and supportive community where individuals from CSUCI with a passion for acting, writing, and other aspects of performance can come together, collaborate, and bring their creative visions to life. We are currently working on our very first student-led play called ‘Insane’ and are still looking for any type of support whether stage managing, technical, musical and more! Please check out our Instagram or join our Discord for more info! We can’t wait! 


The CI Hillel is a club on campus here to provide a safe space for Jewish students and community members to come together and celebrate tolerance, education and Jewish culture. We encourage a welcoming learning environment for anyone who is interested in learning about the Jewish culture. Join us for field trips, Shabbat services, interfaith activities, challah making and Yiddish slang trivia nights! Connect with us on CISync, or on instagram @CSUCI_Hillel.   

Men’s Soccer Team

The Men’s soccer team here at CI is a group of students who have “voluntarily organized for the purpose of furthering their common interests in an activity through participation and/or competition.” The Men’s soccer team here at CI has improved significantly, in a year, we have grown from 5 active players to 15-19 players at practice who are ready to represent CSUCI on the pitch. If you are interested in joining, please reach out to 

The Media Arts Club

The Media Arts Club is focused on all forms of creativity and encouraging others to express themselves. Regardless of skill level and medium, everyone is welcomed. Mediums such as (and not limited to): photography, writing, sculpting, dance, handmade crafts, and illustration of course. We do weekly challenges to keep everyone engaged and always ask what other activities our club members would be interested in. We’re also interested in collaborating with other clubs and spreading social media awareness of CSUCI.  

*Clubs in order of submission