Advice from graduates

Advice from graduates

By Geydey Martinez

”Don’t give up no matter what. In the end you’re here for a reason. Keep going; you’ll be happy you did.” 
     -Clara Diaz  (Biology)      

”Step outside of your comfort zone, don’t be afraid to go to office hours it can help you network or they could turn into a lifelong mentor.”
-Kiera Sailor (Biology)

“Talk to your professors; they are here to help you pass, not fail.”
-Brian Oros (Biology)

“If you’re thinking of studying abroad just do it…do it as soon as possible just to get the full university experience”      -Averi Barrett (Psychology)

“Always keep moving forward. Don’t let what set you back hold you back.”
     -Coleveion “CJ” Burruss (Psychology)

“Network. Network. Network. Or in other terms, just be nice to and get to know a lot of the people you see around you day in and day out.”
     -Anthony Vergot (Economics)

“Keep going because if you slow down now it’ll hurt you so much more when you are closer to graduation.”
     -Hank Powell (Biology)

“Studying is temporary. GPA is forever.”
     -Alexia Romero (Chemistry)

“College is not a speed race. It’s more of a resistance race, where the ones who survive are those who don’t give up.”
     -Flavia Parra Costales (Health Science)

“Use the index of your text books when writing a paper or researching!”
     -Crystal Rubalcava (English)

“Don’t forget to stay healthy both physically and mentally.”
     -Elena Pena (Psychology)

“Don’t lag. Don’t procrastinate. It’s okay if you don’t know what you want to do. Take your time to figure out what you want to do or what peaks your interest.”
     -Daisy Okoyeocha (Chemistry)

“Take a break. Go to sleep. Ask for help.”
     -Jesseca Silva (Math)

“People with connections are more likely to get a job than people with grades.”
     -Millicent Conteh (Health Science)

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