Batter up: Students start baseball club

Batter up: Students start baseball club

By Branden Hopper

For some people, a sport isn’t just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle and one that can’t be given up easily in spite of their best efforts. That is the case for sophomore communications major Austin Miller, who started CI Club Baseball after realizing that he missed the game too much not to play.

I had an opportunity to play at the junior college level back home, but decided not to,” said Miller via email. “I thought I had had enough and was done playing. Once I got to school, I realized that wasn’t true, and I would do anything to get back on the mound.”

Miller, a die-hard San Francisco Giants fan who played varsity baseball at Tulare Union High School, was looking into adult fast pitch leagues in the area when a friend approached him and asked if he would be interested in starting a baseball club on campus. The two are currently in the final stages of that process and plan to begin recruiting and practicing this semester. 

Miller anticipates that the club will be involved in fundraising throughout the semester and plans to reach out to local businesses for support as well as collaborative opportunities.

We will be fundraising constantly because of the high cost required to fund a baseball team,” said Miller. “We will be recruiting constantly, and promoting any home games we have.”

Miller plans to compete with clubs on other campuses and is currently working with the National Club Baseball Association (NCBA) to become part of their league. The club’s season would consist of 12 or 18 conference games in addition to any out of conference games that are able to be scheduled. The NCBA also offers a playoff format similar to the NCAA college world series should the club win enough games during the regular season.

Miller hopes that the student body will be interested in participating in, and rooting for, CI Club Baseball.

“I think we can get a lot of students to come out and support and have something to cheer for with our school.”

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