CI welcomes new Vice President For Student Affairs, Dr. Richard Yao

CI welcomes new Vice President For Student Affairs, Dr. Richard Yao

By Jazzminn Morecraft

In June, CI welcomed its new Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Richard Yao.

Dr. Yao has spent the past 23 years in Las Vegas Nevada and worked at Nevada State College. In 2002, much like CI, Nevada State Collage was established, and Dr. Yao was asked to help to build out their Student Affairs program

“I was really an active member of two communities, the mental health community and the higher education community,” said Yao. “I served as Director of Student Development and then moved into their Dean of Students role at Nevada State, before coming [to CI]”

He has spent this past summer getting to know the different programs and staff that CI has.

“My goal was to learn as much as I can about, not only the Division of student affairs, but the institution as a whole,” said Yao of his experience joining the staff at CI.

Moving forward Dr. Yao wants to “look at some of the data points, in terms of utilization data, and how does that utilization data correlate with student success markers such as retention, GPA and academic standings.” Additionally, he wants to look at our student learning outcomes and how we assess them, as well as collaborating with Academic Affairs to better serve the students of CI and support the work of the faculty.

Dr. Yao hopes to impact the campus on two different levels. First, he wants to be able to have an impact on students.

“I think that is one of the best things about being a Vice President of Student Affairs, no matter how high up you go in the administration, you still get to work with students every day, said Yao.

Yao would also like to see the Division of Student Affairs become a leader on campus in regards to moving forward with strategic initiatives.

Yao understands that it will take some time to earn capitol within the campus community, but he is looking forward to the process.

I would like folks to know is that I am a very authentic, genuine leader who likes getting things done.”

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