Get your pet on

Get your pet on

By Jazzminn Morecraft

On Sept. 19 from 1-3 p.m. in Central Mall, Commuter Services will be hosting It’s a Petting Zoo, as part of their Commuter Appreciation Week. Come out and interact with different types of farmhouse animals like ducks, chickens, goats and more!

Jeremy Booker, Coordinator of Commuter Services states “It was an idea that a former student assistant had.” This former student assistant, Karina Miller, wanted to take the idea of the therapy dogs that come to campus and make it bigger and better, and thought what better way to do this then a petting zoo.

Booker is hoping that with the petting zoo students are able to interact, talk and get conversations started with each other. “What better way to do this then to put some furry/feathery creators in front of them” Booker jokes.

Booker also wants students to remember to bring their student ID’s to events like this or at least know your student ID number so that they are able to track the number of students coming to events.

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