Breaking Down the 2024 California Primary: What CI Students Need to Know 

Breaking Down the 2024 California Primary: What CI Students Need to Know 

By Miriam Packard

The 2024 California Primary is on the horizon, and as students at CI, it is crucial to grasp its significance and what it means for us as citizens and voters. Here is the lowdown in simpler terms: 

Election Timeline: March 5 is the official election day, but in California, it is more like a month-long affair. Starting from Feb. 5, ballots will be sent out to all 22 million registered voters in the state, offering ample time for everyone to cast their votes either by mail or in person until election day. 

Presidential Race: The GOP primary is headlined by former President Trump and former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley. California holds the largest number of delegates in the nation, making it a focal point for both campaigns, especially if Haley remains in the race through Super Tuesday (when most states begin voting). On the Democratic side, President Biden is expected to secure California’s support, with other contenders like Marianne Williamson and Rep. Dean Phillips also making appearances on the ballot. 

Senate Contest: With the passing of Senator Dianne Feinstein, California’s Senate race is one of the most closely watched and financially intensive contests in the country. Voters will see two questions related to this race, one for the remainder of Feinstein’s term and the other for a full six-year term. California’s open primary system adds an unpredictable element to the mix, with the top two candidates, regardless of party, advancing to the general election. 

House Races: Congressional elections occur every two years, and several House races in California are highly competitive. Notably, seven members of the California delegation announced they would not run for another term in 2024, intensifying the stakes of these contests. 

Ballot Measures: Proposition 1, a $6.38-billion bond aimed at addressing mental health and homelessness issues, stands out as a significant measure on the ballot, garnering bipartisan support in the Legislature. 

As CI students, our engagement in the California primary process is essential. It is not just about fulfilling a civic duty; it is about actively participating in shaping the future of our state and nation. Whether it is casting our votes, staying informed on the issues or engaging in campaign activities, our involvement matters. 

In summary, the 2024 California Primary is not just another election; it is a critical moment for us to exercise our democratic rights and influence the direction of our collective future. We should seize this opportunity and make our voices heard.