Broadcasting: Touch Some Grass

Broadcasting: Touch Some Grass

By Corey Rose and Allen Monge


In a generation that goes on their phone for most of the day, not enough attention goes to the natural beauty in the world. One of the many amazing things about CI is the unbelievable scenery. There is no shortage of beautiful spots and locations throughout the CI campus. Spanning roughly 1200 acres, this campus allows for an incredible array of views. The assortment of views ranges from never-ending grass fields, to a river, and even an encapsulating mountain range that attracts all eyes.  

Hiking has been proven to release tension and create a plethora of amazing benefits. One of the most important things that comes from hiking is the physical effect. The act of walking up and down hills stretches and works out all sorts of muscles within the legs. The next incredible benefit to hiking is how healthy your heart can get. Exercising in the form of walking has always been a wonderful option for regulating heart rate and staying fit. Finally, hiking significantly decreases an individual’s risk for getting osteoporosis later in life. This is because the constant movement of bones and joints throughout the body proves to be very healthy.  

Something that all students go through in their college experience is stress. One of the best ways to alleviate stress for students is to go outside and perform physical activities. Although this is the case, many students choose to stay inside and do stationary activities. Fitting hiking into a schedule can be easy if a student puts their mind to it. Most people would prefer a 30-minute hike over a 2-5 hour hike, which makes it easier to fit into a school schedule. Finally, with the hikes near campus being very mellow, this can attract a larger number of students.  

An activity as simple as a walk down the edge of campus has the ability to free a student’s mind from all of the scholastic and societal pressures that exist in the real world. This breath of fresh air teaches students that even during difficult times, you can still find enjoyment in the world around you. The ability to go on a nature walk on campus is a fantastic way to reset your mind and free yourself from the stress of life. Overall, the hiking experience can be a wonderful way to improve your mental health as a student, when school can get hard.  

Article by Corey Rose