Dorms get surboard storage

Dorms get surboard storage

By Annie Kuzmanovic

One of the most intriguing qualities about CI is its surfing culture. We are blessed to have a community of surfers, many of whom devote their time to maintaining a Surf Club on campus. With the beach so close to the campus, it is almost too convenient for students to pick up, or continue to enjoy the sport. A problem that both students and faculty faced before this semester however, was that there was not always a place for surfing students to maintain their equipment.

”We were in [a student’s] room and saw how they were drying out their wet suits, and figured we needed a better alternative to them drying them in the hallway,” said Janel Suliga, Cis Director of Housing
Services & Operations.

”When I initially shared the concept with surfers, they were not interested in having a surfboard storage room. Three years later, as a resident, Kevin Piper and part of the Surf Club met with me. As he shared his recommendation, I pulled out the plans. Kevin was stoked and impressed, and asked if students could decorate the room.”

Luckily, no problems were met and the plan was carried out smoothly. Parts were ordered and an old laundry room in Anacapa Village Building C was converted into a space where surfers could rinse suits in a tub, dry them on a rack and store their surfboards. Now residents of CI can comfortably surf knowing that there is a place on campus to store their equipment.

The storage room isn’t only helpful for people using it to maintain their surfing equipment, either.

“I know my custodians appreciate not having wax on the carpet and no water on the waxed floors,” said Suliga.

If you are looking for a place to accommodate your own surfing gear, v1s1t https:/ / housing/ accommodations­ rates/common-spaces.htm and fill out a Surfboard Storage Request form.

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