Get involved at the Clubs and Organization Fair

Get involved at the Clubs and Organization Fair

By Branden Hopper

Student organizations and involvement will be hosting their annual clubs and organizations fair in the central mall on Sept. 5 and 6 from 11:30am-2:30pm. The fair, formally a single day event, will be hosted over two days and in a larger location to better serve students, especially those that commute.

“It used to be a one day event,” said Russel Winans, Coordinator of Student Organizations & Involvement at CI. “We touched base with some of our students on campus and got some feedback that students weren’t attending the event.”

Many students mentioned that they simply could not attend because of scheduling or commute issues. After speaking to the clubs and organizations on campus Winan proposed hosting the event over two days to allow more students the time to be involved in the fair. It has been held over two days in the central mall for the last three semesters.

Over 50 campus clubs and organizations will be represented. The fair gives clubs and organizations an opportunity to share information about what they do, recruit members and talk about events they will be hosting during the semester. There will also be a food truck, organized by commuter services, at the fair each day. Students will have the opportunity to talk with clubs, network, eat lunch and socialize.

Last year CSUCI had 91 clubs and organizations on campus; they are important part of campus life and paramount to student success.

Research doesn’t lie,” said Winan. “Across the country in higher ed, students that are involved on campus…have higher retention rates, they have higher grade point averages—they are more likely to graduate.”

The clubs and organizations fair is an excellent way for students to connect with peers and find out about new ways to get involved on campus in an easy going and fun environment.

“It’s a positive vibe,” said Winan.” It’s a great opportunity to start the semester off, find out what’s going on and make some plans, not just for the semester but potentially the rest of the year.”

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